MAC US prices.

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  1. Hi girls! Sorry for such a silly question but my internet won't let me look at the MAC US site, it keeps diverting to the UK. :cursing:

    I want to know the prices (in $) for basic items such as:

    - eyeshadow
    - fluidline
    - lipstick

    or if anyone has a price list that'd be fab!

    Thanks. :heart:
  2. Lipstick is $14
    Eyeshadow is $14.50
    Fluidline is $15
    Lipglosses are $14
    Blush is $18
    MSF is $25
  3. Thanks so much
  4. Is it cheaper or more expensive outside the US? I would assume more expensive..
  5. If Im not mistaken, MAC is cheapest in the US.
  6. ^ I think so, too.

    Bebedawl, if you need any more prices let me know!
  7. I am definitely curious now on how much cheaper or if it only seems cheaper b/c taxes are already added in in other countries so you don't know the true cost. Kind of silly to be so interested I guess since I don't plan on leaving the country anytime soon and when and if I do I don't think I will randomly buy MAC makeup but still.
  8. I know this might be irrelevant to the OP since she lives in the UK, but for US residents, MAC items are cheaper at the CCO. (CCO is the Cosmetics Company Outlet, basically an outlet for brand name makeup like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, etc. CCOs sell lots of stuff that are from discontinued lines, like limited collections, etc.)

    I heard that stuff is generally 30% cheaper than retail:

    Glitter eyeliners: $10.50
    Eyeshadow pots -$9.50-10.00
    nail polish-7.00
    brush sets-33.75
    select spf-17.50
    studio fix-18.75
    paint pots-11.75
    lipglosses & lipsticks-10.00
    Brush 187 - 29.50
    Fix+ - 12.00
    Blush - 15.75

    Unfortunately, each CCO carries different stuff. Sometimes, it's a hit or miss. I was at the CCO in Primm, Nevada earlier this month. I wanted to grab some brushes, but they didn't have any at the time. So I bought the 2006 Stylistics Sheer Mystery Powder in Model Chic for $31.50. It retailed for $45, and comes with a refill compact! :heart:

    I have 3 CCOs near me in Northern California (each about an hour's drive away), but haven't had the chance to check them out yet.
  9. ^ Do they have one of these at Woodbury Common??

    Thanks for that list anyway!

    Yeah it's cheaper in US...eyeshadow here is £10 and lipstick here is £11 which works out $14 and $15.

    OOOOPS...not with todays exchange rate!