MAC Tartan Tale Collection

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  1. Is it sad that I will probably buy some of this stuff just cuz I am obssessed with everything Scottish? :biggrin:
  2. No, it is not sad. Well, maybe a little. :P I will be sad with you though, I :heart: Scottish-y stuff also. So MAC has nailed me on that one here for sure.
  3. I LOVE the way the eyeshadows have the plaid imprint!!! Thankfully, I am not going to lose my mind trying to get this stuff. Maybe if it goes to CCO but I have been so bad I'll stay away (so I say...;))
  4. i'm excited for this collection! The single eyeshadows look really nice.
  5. I am trying to stay strong and save for the Peacocky collection. I do like Twists of Tartan though.
  6. The eyeshadows are pretty much the cutest things ever.
  7. I looked at Twists of Tartan in person, and was thoroughly unimpressed. I am passing on this collection ... I think. I did like one of the brush sets.
  8. wow I alove this collection--I want the teal eyeshadow the bright pink blush the plaid stuff and the bear--I want it all!!!
  9. im in love with the packaging lol :P
  10. Leave it to a hockey playing, MAC loving tPF'er to tempt me here :kiss:

    Looks gorgeous!
  11. I with you on this one!
  12. I think I will pass as well, I am not supposed to be buying anything right now :smile:
  13. I think I'll get one of the single eyeshadows (probably Golden Crown). The Style Clan nail polish (Dark taupe with red pearl (Frost) sounds interesting, too.
  14. I don't like anything :shrugs: