*MAC* Swatch thread comments and questions

  1. Hey ladies! Put your comments and questions on the MAC swatches here :biggrin:
  2. Fantastic idea!!!!!!! keep the swatches coming!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. I love the swatch thread!

    Can you MAC girls tell me which of lip glasses are the sheerest? I have some of the regular which are pretty pigmented. I love sheer glosses, though.
  4. I'd say the lip gelees and the dazzleglasses are by far the sheerest. I wanted to swatch some more of my stuff today but the sun is not cooperating. :p
  5. ITA Dazzleglasses are quite sheer:true:
  6. Thanks Tori and iloveelmo!

    PS--Tori, your pics are amazing! Can't wait for more :smile:
  7. Aww thanks Tracy! Anything in particular you want to see? :biggrin:
  8. Hmmmmm, lipsticks and glosses?

    If anyone else has requests for swatches you can put them in this thread too :smile:
  9. I have around 20 shadows I keep meaning to swatch. Hopefully it'll be sunny out tomorrow and I can get them done!
  10. Just swatched all my shadows and my lipsticks... and one lipglass
  11. I did my eyeshadows, maybe tomorrow I will get to my lipsticks and dazzleglasses.

    I wish you well,

  12. Yay! I can't wait for everyone's swatches!
  13. Thanks for the kick butt swatches of lipglasses, Lo! xoxo
  14. You're welcome, m'dear!! :hugs:

    I have a ton of shadows and a few lipsticks to swatch as well...

    (but my arms are too short). :upsidedown:
  15. If anyone needs any particular swatches, I'm sure I have the color (especially the shadows)! :smile: I also have pretty much every single dazzleglass. Just let me know... chances are I have it!! :flowers: