MAC Studio Mist Foundation

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  1. Anyone tried it? I am thinking about purchasing it but I wanted to see if anyone here has any comments on it!?!

    Thanks in advance!:nuts:
  2. I didn't like it personally. It's a spray foundation, but you don't spray it on your face. You have to put it on a paper plate or in a petri dish (that's what they do at MAC) and then apply it with a special brush to the face. Not only did I like the idea of doing all that work, I didn't like the finish.
  3. Oh dang! I thought you could just spray it on your face! LOL
  4. I bought it and I personally dont like it all. The coverage is very sheer and you need alot for just a medium coverage. It wasn't very good at covering up flaws. I also thought that you could just spray it on your face and I was so excited for it to come out but overall, I' pretty disappointed in this MAC product.
  5. I think Studio Mist is such a joke. Why even come out with a spray foundation if you can't spray it on your face? FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!
  6. Someone must like it because they've been sold out of the lighter shades for months.

    I'll test it when they get some in, I thought you could just spray your brush?
  7. actually, You can spray it other places as body makeup. My friend and I were in SF bloomingdales over the weekend and tryed spraying it on our hands and it covered really well. I tryed it on my face with a foundation brush and i liked the way it covered. It dosent offer heavy coverage, but its light although the downside is its hard to take off.
  8. That's interesting...

    I would up placing an order for the SKII but it won't be in for a couple weeks so maybe I will go ahead and try this!?! :shrugs:
  9. Syntagma--have you tried Dior's Skinflash (or maybe its Airflash...I can't remember)...anyway, you spray it directly onto your face...I have heard GREAT things about it:smile:
  10. syntagma you shoudl definitely wait for the SKII i love mine :yes: or try couture's suggestion of testing out dior's airflash....that's what i used before i got my SKII and i got much much better coverage with the dior, but it would get all over my hair (so i learned to use a towel) and eyebrows and stuff and was kind of a pain (although it looks absolutely gorgeous).....but seriously im' a huge fan of SKII's sprayer :love:
  11. I like it. I spray it straight onto the foundation brush and it gives me perfect coverage.
  12. Would you all say this foundation is good for summer when you have a little bit of color to your skin? I'm still wanting to try this but my favorite is Studio Fix. Thoughts....
  13. I used it for a loong time and I LOVE IT!! I dont like alot of coverage but IMO it makes your skin look even and flawless naturally....I would spray it on the back of my hand and then use a foundation brush
  14. Yeah, I don't think I can trust using a spray on foundation...
  15. This is what I use - but I rarely use foundation.

    I know you're not supposed to spray it on your face but I do and then blend it in with my fingers like it's a lotion.

    The coverage is very sheer but it feels light and seems to blend well. I don't wear it much because I have even skin so I really just use it when I need to cover something up like under eye circles from lack of sleep. It's not heavy enough for that so I find I usually skip foundation and just use a concealor.

    In general I like the spray foundations better than the liquid ones.
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