Mac Studio Fix Compact!!

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I just purchased a Mac studio fix compat. I use to wear there studio fix compact all the time until I discovered Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. I just purchased a Mac compact for days when im in a rush and want to throw something on quick. When I put it on my face it was so chalky and thick does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone love Mac's studio fix?
  2. You actually alternate between the two products I do. I do like Studio Fix but I use a very light hand when applying it and I blend it a lot. I also sometimes wipe some of it off so that it looks more natural and not so heavy or chalky.

    I think it's a great product and great for those days when you're on the go!
  3. I just bought it last week for the first time. Though, I am not sure about the color the woman picked out for me (my stepdaughter thought it was a great match), I really like the product itself.

    I don't find it chalky at all-though, I just do one swipe around my face. Maybe you are using too much?
  4. Try using a large brush rather than the sponge that comes with it. Also, I notice it's kind of powdery and chalky when I first put it on, but then that goes away after my natural oils start mixing with it.
  5. i used to use studio fix because so many people were raving about it. but i also found that it looked too done and chalky on me, even though i use a brush to swipe it on.
  6. I do the same as Tammy. I tap my brush onto the powder and then use that. I don't swirl my brush either, because I find it too heavy. Tapping picks up just the right amount.
  7. Um, as a former makeup artist for MAC I can tell you this....

    1) Use a LARGE brush or buffer
    2) Make SURE you are using a blush/bronzer with the Fix so that you don't look like you have a mask on.
    3) If you have oily skin Fix will tend to cake up and look chalky, don't use it.

    You should be good to go after that!
  8. ^ Oh my ....since you were a MAC make upa rtist what else can u tell us? give us the juice
  9. Ask some questions!!
    Maybe I could have my own Tips and Tricks thread?? HA!
  10. My suggesting would be to use the tinted moisturizer first, then lightly brush the Studio Fix over with a large brush (the MAC large powder brush is a good investment), concentrating more Studio Fix over any spots, blemishes, dark areas. To make the skin look fresh (rather than powdery) use a light spray of MAC Fix + over and you're done!!
  11. Wow ladies! Thanks for the tips. Maybe I'll have to try it again. When I used it, it was way too cakey, made up looking for me.
  12. Winona,

    I can never get my eyeshadow colors right, I am a strawberry blonde with fair skin, bluish gray eyes, what do you recommend for eyeshadow colors. Thanks
  13. winona you should hae your own section.. ways to blend really good mac products to use for what skin etc... oooo :smile:
  14. I used to use MAC SF for years, then realized that although my skin looked awesome with it on, it was totally clogging my pores! I don't really like it that much for that reason, esp when it oxidizes during the day - yuck.

    I've had much better results with Chanel's double perfection compact - pricier, but nicer result and finish.
  15. I totally agree!