MAC Strobe Cream - Reviews??

  1. Do any of you use MAC's Strobe Cream?

    Please let me know how you find it! I'm really interested in this!!

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. i used to use it....but i stoped because it made my skin REALLY REALLY DRY..for some reason all mac products make my skin dry..! it's probably just my skin though
  3. I used it before. I didn't like it much because it smelled funny.

    It has a faint sparkle in it, almost like a mineralized finish. It's really pretty on the skin.

    I don't know why, but since it is a "cream," sometimes I found it too rich. I didn't like it very much.
  4. i can't say i'm much of a fan either. although, i love the creamy texture and the idea of it, there were highlighters that works better for me like the nars multiples and mac mineralize skinfinishes. the strobe cream did give my complexion a dewy glow, but more often than not it just make me look sweaty and oily.
  5. better to use it on the body as a luminizer/body shimmer