MAC store return policy?

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  1. Hi ladies, Well I tried to find a thread on this but there isn't one. I have a ton of makeup (lipsticks, blushes, brushes, powders, bronzers) I bought last month that are still sitting in the MAC bag unopened. I have been searching like crazy and I must have lost the receipt. If I take them to the store do you think they'll let me exchange or get a MAC giftcard?

    Any opinions/advice appreciate ;)
  2. first off...this is posted in the wrong section so you might want to has a MOD to move it or else it will be closed.

    secondly, you can exchange (if they still have current collection). and the actual store can issue you store credit, but their store credit is a piece of paper. like a receipt and the store credit can only be used in the store, not online or anywhere else. HTH!
  3. How is it posted in the wrong section? Isn't this just general beauty questions? It's not a rant/rave or just about makeup...

    Thank you for the help.
  4. it's in the wrong section because you are asking about returning cosmetics :yes:
    Moving to our MAKE UP Forum . .
  5. Oh sorry Swanky :sad:
  6. it's no biggie! :flowers:
  7. With a receipt would have been easier... you can return things in 30 days if you have it. Without, store credit is their policy.
  8. ^ thank you! I really just want to get stuff I'll actually use this time :smile: