MAC "Smoking Eyes"

  1. Do any of you have the MAC smoking eyes eyeshadow quad? i am just starting to build my make-up collection and really want something to give me the "smokey" look .. anyone who has this collection.. pls post pics of the results and also the brushes that you used to attain the same.. :smile:
  2. I had it and returned it....I'm waiting for the holiday one to come out next Thursday.
  3. My favorite MAC quad of all time too!! I love that I can be totally set for day or night with one perfect quad.

    I actually made a tutorial for this quad for another site. Should I post it here??
  4. I didn't purchase it because I have a lot of similar colors, but it is a great pallet for creating a smokey eye. For makeup tutorials, swatches, tips, etc. I really love I believe one was done with the Smoking Eyes pallet. There are also lots of tutorials on on how to create a smokey eye.
  5. thanks for the link to nessasarymakeup, I love how these colors look! MAC isn't available where I'm from (none of the brands I hear people rave about here seems to be :p) but I'll have to check eBay or something and see if I can find it now. :flowers:
  6. thanks eveyrone for the replies.. the youtube viedoes are really helpful :smile: