MAC sent me a free eye liner:)

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  1. I posted this over at mua as well:

    A couple of months ago, I purchased a lip gloss from a fantastic MAC sales associate, and to show my appreciation, I both wrote and called MAC to let them know how wonderful their employee had been. Cut to today: I found a package from MAC 's New York headquarters with an eyeliner (smolder) and a letter that didn't seem to acknowledge that I had contacted them with a compliment, but rather seemed like a form letter letting me know that my issues had been forwarded to the appropriate MAC folks. I'm sharing this, because I'm guessing that this makeup gift is the standard for how they handle customer complaints/compliments, so next time you have the urge to contact MAC, do it. You might get a present:yes:
  2. :roflmfao:

    So... if I send an actual compaint, would they send me 2?
  3. ^^ I'm really not sure what qualifies a person for such a gift, but if you have an actual complaint, go ahead and let them know.
  4. Oh wow! Congrats!
  5. very cool.
  6. I love it when companies acknowledge customer opinions and are NOT stingy! I remember back in high school my friend sent a photo of her walls completely covered in Coca Cola cans to the company, and they sent her a huuuuuge box paraphernalia.
  7. How cool!
  8. Lol I once wrote a fan letter to Barq's root beer and was sent a letter and a bunch of stickers (in middle school, mind you).

    Congrats on the MAC gift!
  9. Funn :smile:)
  10. Cool! Maybe I'll send them a letter too.
  11. LOL I'm thinking about writing to them now.
  12. MAC is really great if you send them a complaint too. They will either send the item you are complaning about (or something similar) as gratis, or offer you a discount code on future online purchases. Just please don't abuse their generosity, and only complain if it's legit. :smile: I heard of a couple of girls that did fake complaints. Not good for karma.
  13. That's a bummer. When I contacted MAC to tell them about their awesome SA, I had no idea I'd get anything out of it but feeling good about passing along a compliment. He's just coolio.
  14. I think that was great of you to do that, I bet companies get tired of hearing complaints. It's just too bad that there are some people that have to ruin things like that!
  15. Thanks! At some point in recent years, it occurred to me that I love it when people appreciate what I do at my job, so why not show others that same appreciation. Trader Joe's employees at my local store rock, and I'm always stopping by the manager's booth on my way out to let them know who was awesome enough to go in the back and retrieve extra bags of white cheddar popcorn for me-- this is a real example that has happened many times, as their white cheddar popcorn is most delicious.