Mac question, please help!

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  1. I have an apple iBook G4. I walked away from my computer for a second, and I came back and my cat was sitting on the keyboard, and she pressed some buttons to make the bottom icon bar to dissapeer(the menu at the bottom of the screen with icons like dashboard, mail, safari, etc.) But when I put the cursor at the bottom of the screen where the icon bar usually is, it appears, but when the cursor moves away from that area, it's doesn't appear. How do I get it to come back like it was before? Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. Go to your Apple menu, then choose Dock. You should be able to reposition it from there.
  3. ^Thanks for the reply! I just did that, and it is positioned already in the bottom, but it doesn't appear, only when my cursor is on it. How would I make it appear constantly like it was before my cat did something? Too bad I can't ask my cat what buttons she pressed, lol!!
  4. GO to Dock preference and Turn Hiding Off/On.
  5. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!^^^ It works now!! Thanks!!:smile: