Mac Pigments!!!!!!!

  1. How great are MAC pigments!? :rolleyes:
    Sorry, just had to rave about them my fav is 'dark soul,' its a charcoal smokey with a silver gliter to it. Anyone else use piggies or like them?
  2. yeah they're quite nice. but what bugs me is that not all colors are eye- and lipsafe. Dark soul is neither eye nor lipsafe, take a look here I hope you didn't have problems with that color since I assume you use it as an eyeshadow. There's a similar e/s color from MAC calles Black Tied, might be an alternative
  3. i love theier pigments cuz of the shimmer. but recently i have found that the make up forever eye shadows are much nicer.. especialy if you mix the 2 you get a really nice shade..
  4. I love MAC pigments!!I have ALL the colours!!:heart:
    sw0pp is right, some of them aren't lipsafe but it writes it on their package.
    Anyway, the colours are so beautiful and they last all night too!!
  5. I saw this girls myspace page that's a make up artist and she only uses mac pigments and she makes ppl eyes look like rainbows. very pretty.
  6. confession time: i use fairylite as an eyeshadow even though it's not eye safe. bad ilzabet bad! :smile:

    love pigments...rarely buy them though....the tubs are HUGE! :smile:
  7. They have the best pigments, there is absolutely no question there! Any colour item you buy from MAC you are guaranteed quality!

  8. I :heart: MUFE star powders!

    I haven't gotten aorund to trying MAC pigments...yet. ;)
  9. I usually buy little sample size pigments from ebay for a couple of bucks - since I usually only need them for a quick project or special event...

    as for me personally, I cannot use them as the 'shimmer' gets caught in my crow's feet LOL!!!
  10. I've heard a lot about pigments, can someone explain to me how they work please?
  11. agreed! i'm not familiar, but i loooooooove mac eyeshadow, so if there's something i need to be trying, i wanna know!
  12. Due to the origin of MAC as a professional cosmetic line, and the wide range of clients (professional to general public) not all MAC products are designed with the average consumer in mind. This is often the case with many PRO products, as well as some pigments. The name pigment can be misleading, as they are not pure pigments, but rather highly pigmented multi-purpose loose color powders. Due to the pigments and dyes in some MAC pigments, they can be hazardous if used in various facial areas, mainly the eye or lip area.

    you have to check which chemical compounds are actually being used in various pigments and then go from there. I usually mix mine with lotion, water or additional eyeshadow depending on what I am actually trying to achieve. they can be used in nail polish, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, hair gel, as a loose eye shadow, as a loose blusher, as a loose highlighter, as a loose bronzer, as a body sparkle or body paint etc.
  13. as for using them as an e/s: use it with the water based mixing medium, that will give you the highest color payoff and it also stays put. otherwise use a primer or the pigment itself will wear off quite fast...
  14. The ones that aren't safe for the eyes or lips have products in them that weren't tested. At MAC all of the makeup artists use them on eyes and lips. It's just something they have to say to cover thier asses ;)
    Anyone with sensitive eyes could react to any eyeshadow falling into the eye.
  15. i like using the mac fluid line as a base ! that works very well then top it off with a similar pigment color or shadow. ;D