MAC Pigments...

  1. I was just wondering if any of you ladies use them and if so, how do you use it and which color(s) do you have?

    I like to use an iridescent or shimmery color at the inner corner of my eyes when I do my makeup, like the picture I attached. I'm currently using a Lancome crayon that's been discontinued so I'm looking for something new and I think MAC Pigments would work well. I would like an iridescent or shimmery ivory, gold or pinkish gold color so I'm considering Vanilla, Your Ladyship and Naked, but I've never seen any of these IRL. Any info you can give me is appreciated!! :flowers:

  2. I have quite a few MAC pigments. I have a love hate relationship with them. They are beautiful and blend well. But they do shed under your eye.. a lot. When i use them I do my eye make up before my foundation so that I can Clean up the area around my eye and not ruin my make up. I have vanilla and Naked both are a good choice for the look your looking for. If your looking for swatches I would try i am positive they will have swatches of these pigments.
  3. ^ Thanks :flowers:

    I'm not sure if I'm going to buy them or not. I think if I like it they'd end up being a great deal because one pot would last me forever. But if I don't really like it that's a lot of money wasted. I guess I have to just go look at them IRL...
  4. if you have fallout, i suggest mixing the pigments with a mixing medium. they make the pigment a little bit like a paste so its easier to apply, stick more to your skin, and also make the color more vibrant. mixing mediums are available at MAC pro stores or I've heard of using eyedrops like Visine.

  5. I love Vanilla, I use it as a highlight on my browbone and the inner corners of my eyes. It's great..sometimes if I use a cream eyeshadow I add some of this because I like the shimmer on top of the matte shadow. Looks really nice. The pot lasts you FOREVER. I've never used up a whole pigment pot. I rarely buy new ones now because I rarely use them. The only one I use on a normal basis is Vanilla.
  6. I love pigments I have around 20 pots but I can't remember all the colors. Theres a girl on a Makeup forum I go to that has every single color MAC has put out, it's around 100.
  7. I don't like the way that the mixing medium i have dries it feels sorta tight after... the fallout is my only complaint and i figured out a way around it. I know that a few girls in the LiveJournal Mac community used to sell samples of pigments. Or better yet if you can get to a mac store. ask for a small sample. then you would know if you like the color and the product. They are a fab deal. I pick up every color a can at the CCC outlet. cause they have them for about 13.00 and they will last forever. and christmas time they have pigment sets. That is how i first got into them.. that was two years ago and i haven't even gotten close to the bottom of any of those pigments.
  8. I went on a frenzy one day and bought a bunch of the pots, there nice but could stay on better. I have: rubenesque(a goldish irredesent), moss scape(an army green moss irredesent) fresco rose (very beautiful especially with a greyish liner)and I think it's called indianwood the label is faded al little in the middle(its alot like the rubenesque but deeper godish,bronze copperish) and last painterly( it's a nudishwhitish color, I use it everyday as a base coat)
  9. ^ Painterly is good for a base. When I ran out of UB Primer Potion I used this for a while and now I skip the PP when I'm lazy and just apply this. It's fast and easy. :yes:
  10. does anyone use them for anything other than eyes? tried mixing them with gloss or moisturizer as a highlighter? i've heard that some are "safe" for other uses and some aren't, i don't know how to determine that though...
  11. I have 19 colors (holiday sets) and adore some: Vanilla, Old Gold, Violet, Dazzleray, Softwash Grey, Helium, Pink Opal... anyway. Vanilla does not totally match the color in the pic since Vanilla is an iridescent color (shimmers golden under certain lights). Naked has beautiful shimmer in it (it's like foundation powder with shimmer particles) , but also not a match to the pic...
  12. Thanks for all the input ladies!

    It doesn't have to look like the pic- I just posted that to show how I planned on using it. I don't want anything with blue, pink, green or silver in it. Ivory with gold shimmer would be PERFECT with my coloring so I'll probably go with Vanilla!

    Does anyone know if they have these at Sephora? I have a store credit so I'd like to go there. Otherwise I could get it at either a dept store or the MAC store since they're all in the same mall, but I'm thinking Nordies might be best since they'd let me return it if I didn't like it:shrugs:...
  13. i use a few of them on my cheeks after blush. i use gold mode on top of bronze/peach blushes so i get a shimmer, and apricot pink on top of pink blushes.
  14. I use it in my moisturizer sometimes and it works fine.
  15. In the US, Sephora does not sell MAC.