MAC pallet

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  1. Hey girls,
    I think its time that I organize my Mac e/s, because they are all jammed in my train case and not fitting anylonger. So I want to get a pallet, the 15 shadow pallet. Where do I get them? Are they sold at the Pro store only or can I get it at a regular MAC store?
  2. Shoegal27, these palettes are sold at the Pro stores and also in MAC stores as well.
  3. Oh great, thanks..
    I wasn't sure if I could get it at a regular MAC counter.. do you know how much the pallets are? The 15 shadow one?
  4. They sell them at MAC freestanding stores. You have to ask for it bc it's not on display. I tihnk they are about $12 something.
  5. wonderful thank you.. I have some depotting to do.
  6. Yes, at Pro stores and at freestanding stores, but not at counters. I have 3 of them now, and probably will need a 4th soon. Plus I think I have about 4 quads. I need help.
  7. can you order them online?

    also, does anyone recommend a really good website tutorial for depotting? i have never done it...but i have like 50 mac eyeshadows..I think it is time!
  8. If you go on youtube and search for depotting mac I'm sure a ton of results will come up! It's actually incredibly easy to do it and kind of fun once you get going with a bunch of them. I usually use a small candle and some very fine tweezers to depot mine but I think I'm going to try the flat-iron method next time where you set the eyeshadow on the flat-iron (with a sheet of wax paper between them) and heat it like that.
  9. I did EnKore's non heat method and it worked okay, but some of the metal pans got a big disfigured so I'm going to do Marlena's method next.
  10. Yeah, I really need to do this dresser is covered in 50+ e/s, plus quads in the top drawer...I need help!!!
  11. thanks everyone! i'll try out the depotting hopefully this weekend!
  12. depotting is fun!
  13. You can also get a plain black palette from Coastal Scents that will fit MAC shadows :yes:
  14. I've depotted with the flat iron method. It worked really well but please try & not burn yourself! I didn't realize how hot it would get! I haven't depotted in a long time but i love it because those pots take up too much space! I just depotted the shades i don't use that often. And i still haven't B2M yet.....its eben almost 2 years...what am i waiting for?? LOL