MAC palette? or CS palette?

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  1. What do you guys think? I don't own any MAC or CS products. I like the fact that CS is cheaper and offers a TON of variety (88 colors in one palette), but I have heard raves about MAC e/s's too. However, MAC is much more expensive.

    What do you think I should get? (or both...haha just kidding...sorta :biggrin:)
  2. If you're just starting out with M/U the CS palette is great start. I find MAC too expensive IMO, there's a lot of other brands out there with great eyeshadows and palettes (check out Urban Decay Book of Shadows, and Alice in Wonderland Palette)
  3. I just recently started depotting my mac shadows and putting them in palettes and I adore them! Even if you start with a few mac shadows and a palette you can customize it to your liking 100% and just keep adding to it each time you shop... Even though the mac is a much more expensive option they are only $11 each for the pro pan's and if you buy 1 or 2 each time you will eventually build a nice collection! So i vote Mac
  4. ita! :d
  5. I love my MAC now. I haven't tried CS though but I bought the large MAC palette and have 5 shadows in it so far! I am getting there.
  6. I vote mac as well. They are pricier but if you get them a little at a time, it won't be so bad. Also, you can customize your palette to your own liking which is what I like best about it. I recently purchased the neutral palette from CS and I know a lot of people/gurus on youtube swear by CS, I found that it had no color payoff at all and most of the colors were not really pigmented, though I'm not sure if the 88 palette and warm palette has the same color payoff since I didn't try those. I ended up getting rid of it and bought the 4 pan pro palette from mac, bought some shadows that I liked and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE it! The color payoff and quality is SO much better IMO. Plus, I think the CS packaging is kind of tacky.
  7. I'm racking my head.... what is CS? I should know this!!
  8. ^ Coastal Scents ;)
  9. Tried my ultra shimmer palette out today - really nice! Not quite as blendable as mac eyeshadows but they applied well and they are SUPER pigmented! I love them! I dunno, I say go for a cheaper palette and then buy your favorite/most used mac colors and make your own palette. That way you won't be spending lots of $$ on colors you may never use!
  10. I would say, for colors that you are going to wear a lot, buy a MAC palette and then fill it gradually with the colors you want.

    For colors that you won't use much, Coastal Scents is a good option. They are cheaper but the quality is great!
  11. Did your palettes have anything printed on the top? I purchased mine from and it had the tacky coastal scents logo printed on them :sad:
  12. Thank you! I Googled it and that's kind've what I thought! ;)
  13. Yeah I think they recently started doing is sad.

    So....I actually got the CS matte palette....BUT I am going to the MAC store today to get some more colors....haha this is terrible....
  14. I have MAC eyeshadows and i love them. I have never tried CS, however the reviews are amazing. I have been thinking of making an order there as well. The reason i have not, is that i have an insane amount of products. But i will.... i have also being curious of their brushes and they are very inexpensive.

    The good thing about MAC is that you can go to the store and try them out. However the good thing about a CS pallete is that you can get a palette with the money you would have purchased 2 MAC eyeshadows...