MAC 'Painterly' Collection...LOVE IT!!!

  1. OK girls the new MAC collection rocks!:yahoo:

    The Paint Pot shadows are amazing. I bought 'Bare Study' (shimmery champagne) and the black one...sooooo gorgeous and very easy to apply and blend!

    I also bought 'Pink Edge' lipglass liner...amazing as well. It is very 'wet' and moisturizing...not your typical lipliner at all.

    Has anyone else bought anything that they :heart: from this collection? I am soooo tempted to buy more....:graucho:
  2. I just bought the feather eyelashes!
    & from the other new collections I got 'In 3D' 3D glass & 4 mineralize eyeshadows.
  3. is it an eyeliner or an eyeshadow?
  4. DAMN! Now I have to go by there this week!

  5. Which product are you asking about?

    If it is the liner I talked about in my first post, it is a lipliner:smile:
  6. I use the Painterly Paint Pot as eyeshadow primer. :smile:
  7. love 'em! i got quite a few paint pots, the feather lashes and some in 3d glosses too!