MAC Paint Pots...what's your favorite?

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  1. And what do you use it for...for example, as a base for what color(s) of eyeshadows? I only have Painterly, but really want to branch out and pick up a few more colors, as they seem to work fantastic as a base to really make certain colors 'pop'.

    Thanks in advance everybody!:flowers:
  2. Painterly is my favorite! It looks good under any color eyeshadow.

    I also like Bare Study as a neutral shimmery base too.

    Others I have but don't use as much:
    Cash Flow (good under gold toned e/s)
    Green Stroke (light bluish green)
    Moss Scape (medium yellowish green)
    Constructivist (shimmery chocolate brown)

    I use paint pots as a base under eye shadows. I am very fair (NW15, or a 115 in MUFE foundation) and my eyelids are very translucent so I need opaque coverage before I put on eyeshadows. Paint pots are perfect for this and my shadow doesn't crease!

    There are some fun techniques using light eye shadows over dark paint pots for different effects too...for example Constructivist is a chocolate brown but it turns into a nice medium brown with a beige-y e/s over it...

    Hope that helps!

  3. ^Thanks Pursegrrl! That helps a lot. This is exactly what I am looking to base colors especially for the duocromes like Club and Vex for example. I might have to give Constructivist a shot!
  4. I currently own only one paint pot and it is Soft Ochre. It is closest to my skin color and I like to wear it on days when I go light on my makeup. I do have to say though, that I have dry skin and for some reason, the paint pot does make my eyeshadow crease. It's good to use on days when I know that I'm going to remove my makeup within a few hours cuz it really doesn't last all day on me. I tried using it as a base for all colors, but I notice that it washes off any of my blue e/s. I have seen the other colors that they come in and have yet to give them a try. Hope this helps, but like it's been said before, all products work differently on everyone.
  5. Rubenesque looks great not all the way up to the brow (at least on me), but like from lashline to above the crease. It gives anything I put on top of it a warm glow :yes:
  6. I'm ordering Bare Study! Love champagny colours! Does anybody have Perky from Fafi? Its described as a coral. How is it? I'm thinking of hunting one down.
  7. Indianwood (w/golds, bronze, etc...)
    Moss scape (w/greens)
    Delf (w/blues)
  8. I have it. It's more of a pink to me. It's good for wearing under pinks (i.e Fafi quad) nothing to write home about, IMO
  9. Painterly is my favorite ever. I find it much more creamy and easy to use than Soft Ochre -- maybe I got a bad batch.

    I also love Blackground. It's just a cool paint pot. Looks great under Bronze or Satin Taupe.

    Bare Study completely sucks all the color out of any shadow I apply. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...:oh:
  10. I use Painterly the most as a base for most looks. I use Soft Ochre for when I want a more yellow toned base (sometimes Painterly can make certain colors looks ashy). I also have Artifact, and love it. It's a burgundy color, and so far I have used it with pinks, purple, and even melon pigment. It's proving to be more versatile than I first thought.
  11. I think I do, but I've never noticed it was coral colored. I'm going to have to check when I get home.
  12. I have alot of them, I noticed bare study and rubineseque make my lids more oily and the shadow creases more. Painterly is better than soft ochre, I don't know why.
  13. Yep, I have Perky!!! I just got it of of ick-bay, after looking for it for a while...I love corals, and this one is nice and soft. I had an eye injury last week so I haven't been able to wear it but I think that I shall bust it out tomorrow. :rochard:
  14. NorthStar, I would def. try something like Quie Natural (or better yet, Constructivist) under Club - that will make the green in Club pop! Another nice combo that I have seen is Constructivist under Graphology. In fact, I just got some Constructivist to try that myself.

    I have Painterly, which I like as a base, and I also like Quite Natural when I want to look like a bit more polished but hardly wear any eye makeup. I just found some Perky(soft coral) and Girl Friendly (greyish pink) this past week as well, so I am dying to try those - if worn under Vex both of these will probably make the pink in that shadow pop really well. If you want to try Delft, Girl Friendly, or Fresco Rose, I would suggest getting them soon and trying Nordie's online - those colors have been discontinued or are LE. I am tempted by Delft myself.

    How do those of you who have Delft wear it?
  15. Great suggestions everybody! I stopped by MAC on the way home from work to play with the paint pots :P, and came home with:

    Artifact -this color is sooooo gorgeous. Really hope they're not discontinuing it, as it's no longer on the MAC website.:s
    Indianwood -Such a pretty bronze that made any brown shadow look amazing.
    Constructivist -Ok, so I put Club e/s on top of this and that's what sold me. (Lo, you read my mind lol!!!) I'm sure I'll use it for more than just that though.

    Trust me, it was hard to stop at just three. Rubenesque and Bare Study were calling my name too. But I held back...for now.:amuse: