Mac owners...

  1. I am going to get my daughter a Mac (notebook) for Christmas and wondered if I should get her a macbook or macbook pro? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hi rose... it was so sweet of you giving your daughter a mac :P
    i've been a mac user for years.
    may i ask if you daughter still in school or college? and what is she going to use this laptop for?
    is she's only sing it for typing, internet, transferring photos etc. mac book is enough.
    but if she's using it for heavy duties like graphic design, video editing or making music, she should have a mac book pro.
  3. Rose that is so nice of you to get your daughter. I myself am still at school and when I get my mac for christmas I will be so excited because I will also use it when I go to college :flowers:
  4. Thanks girls! Mt daughter is 14 and has just started high school. She is very into music (plays the violin and guitar) and needs to be able to play around with that on her computer (editing music etc). She also loved messing about with videos and needs to be able to store and edit both photo and video files. It may be that the pro may be more useful??
  5. if money is not a problem, get her a pro then :P
  6. Money not a problem..... hmmmmm...... I'll just have to delay my next bag purchase. A Pro it is, thank you so much for your advice.:flowers:
  7. Wow you are such a sweet mom, delaying your purcahse for your daughter's present!

    Can you adopt me too? LOL. just kidding :roflmfao:
  8. Aww, you're sweet:heart:
  9. Rose - I have a powerbook g4 and I love it except for a couple little things - my power cord is VERY fragile - they have a different kind for the newer machines that is magnetized - I hear it is much more durable... I suggest going to and browsing around... my guess is the DD will also want an ipod? If she doesn't already have one - that is an excellent purchase - just buy a cover for it immediately - they scratch worse than black box leather! :yes: See ya back over at the Hermes forum!

  10. Thanks Jeni. She does have an ipod and I did get a cover for it but she never used it, so it's all scratched up, teenagers :rolleyes: !! I am going to head over to Short Hills Mac store tomorrow to have a look. I better get her a 'cool' case for the macbook too!!
  11. I have the new macbook with the magnetic power cord. I love it. easy to use and keeps you up to date with new stuff pretty easily. virtually virus free too, which is important if she is going to be using school machines and her home machine.
  12. Thanks Pursie:flowers: - The virus advantage alone is such a great benefit!
  13. consider getting your daughter the iSkin cover for her keyboard, it keeps dust, crumbs, and everything out of the keys and will make it last longer.
  14. I don't know about the macbook's or anything like that - but last year my mom bought me an ibook G4 and a Juicy Couture laptop case for it - I love them both lol. I've had lots of computers (PC's) - this is my first mac and I love it :P
  15. I love my mac! You are such a sweet mom! Lucky daughter. :yahoo::heart: