Tech Mac or PC? Which do you have?

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  1. I am a Mac FREAK, so we naturally have 3 Macs in the house. I am a graphic designer, so it's basically a given that I use a Mac, but I refuse to buy/own a PC. No offense to PC users, of course...

    24" Intel iMac (mine, all mine!)
    12" Lime Green Clamshell iBook G3 (upstairs in the kitchen)
    17" iMac G4 (my daughter's)
  2. Teehee, SO and I have the best of both worlds! However, our three PC's (don't ask, lol) outnumber our lonely little Mac.
  3. Mainly Macs. I prefer them. I'm an art director so Mac is standard here too. We do have 1 PC at home but it is H's and I don't use it a ton.
    I use an iMac or a MBPro. I heart my Pro.
  4. I have a Mac (13 inch Macbook). I recently made the switch over to a Mac and couldn't be happier. Everyone else at home has a PC (4 in total).
  5. This has been done many times.
  6. Two Macs in our household

    12" Powerbook G4 (mine)
    13" black Macbook (my husband's)
  7. Oh lord...not again.
  8. i have a PC in my room and a mac too. my dad has a macbook.
    there's a total of 2 macs and 2 pcs in my house :]
  9. Apparently, yes. Again.
  10. I just bought me a Dell Vostro! awesome comp.:tup:
  11. Mac, and I never ever plan on going back to a Pc!
  12. I have a Macbook (the original one-I bought it just a month after they first released it) for about 2.5yrs now.

    It's the first time I've owned a mac, but I used them to edit video in my film class and high school and fell in love with the simplicity of them. The best thing is-so many of my friends with PC laptops have already had to buy new ones or are experiencing serious lag because of spyware and viruses-while as my mac runs as good as the day I bought it!

    However, because I bought it right after it came out there were lots of glitches :S My motherboard fried and then a few months later my hard drive went-plus the power cord frayed after a year.
  13. I have four PC 3 are HP's 2 desktops one is a piece of junk lap top and I have a Sony Vioa Lap Top
  14. i bought my first mac in early 06 and have been totally happy with it. i am never going back to pc and i hope my little mac lasts forever..........
  15. I did a search on it, and it didn't come up.
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