MAC or Mineral???

The Real Diehl

In LVoe
Sep 26, 2009
Okay I know MAC makes minerals now, but I just want to know which do you guys like better? Ive noticed that the regular studio fix foundation started looking thick not cakey on me and leaving my face feeling grimey so now I just use concealor and MAC mineral powder over my face. My face looks healthier too and no more break outs?? Maybe because I have no more clogged pores??What are your guys' thoughts on this? Then I walked by a stand that was similar to bare essentials and they an awesome color aray of mineral eyeshadows I was shocked minerals are coming up in this world!! woohoo I think Im in love.
Oct 2, 2008
I love BareEscentuals! Before them, I used mainly liquid foundation, but I hated it because not only did it look really unnatural on me (I don't know why, but I could never find that "perfect" shade) and because I still have acne, the liquid foundation just aggravated it. My skin's cleared up ALOT since I've started using their mineral foundation.

I've never tried their eyeshadow line though. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth it (I've noticed it is a bit pricey)? They have a blush line too. I looked at the different shades they had at Sephora but they all looked....really sparkly for some reason? Maybe it's just that the powder was reflecting the light, but in the jar it looked like it had glitter in it... :huh: