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  1. I jsut got my first MAC yesterday (FIG) and I love the look of it, but it seems sooooo small to me. I couldn't fit half of what I "need" in it (ended up carrying an "overflow" bag in my car with all the extra junk I carry) So, how were you able to downsize to fit everything in a MAC? I am usually carrying a bag like Nikki or HH Havana this seems so teeny in comparison.
  2. for me, the MAC is the perfect size for the stuff that i actually NEED to carry. when i use my MAM, i tend to put stuff in there just to somewhat stuff the bag but i know i won't use half of the things in there.
  3. just wondering. i'm not a MAC owner.. YET... but how much can you fit in there?
  4. ^^If you do a search in the What in my RM thread there are pics in there of what people carry.

    As for me, I think sometimes (and this depends on the person of course) what we think we need is much more than what we actually need. For some people I'm sure a MAC would just be flat out too small but it makes a great every day bag if you don't carry too much. I find that it holds a decent amount of things. :yes:
  5. I have found that I really don't use much of the things I had in my bag. I started using a smaller wallet and bag and pared down to the things I actually use and I like it a lot!
  6. I don’t currently own a MAC (I know, I know), but one of my most used bags is my 3-zip rocker, which is smaller than a MAC. I find that I don’t actually “need” a lot of stuff day to day, but I tend to adjust according to the size of the bag. I can fit all I really need, usually, in my rocker, but if I’m carrying a MAM or Matinee, I will carry more stuff.

    That said, a MAC holds a surprising amount of stuff, AND the longer strap gives you the ability to be hands free, which is really useful.
  7. I don't own a MAC any longer but it had more to do with the chain strap than the size. I actually found it was the perfect essentials bag. I tend to carry more stuff (some needed--kids, others, etc). After spending most of my time lugging my entire life around, I really appreciated the freedom of 'traveling light.'

    And carrying an extra bag with other stuff isn't a bad idea if you can keep it in the car, etc. Just today, I saw a girl going into a store lugging a huge tote and I thought that it must have been uncomfortable.

    Of course, I'm still finding that the nikki and matinee suit me best because I still need more room but I love the freedom of having a light, little bag. I now use the mini b for that purpose.
  8. I think the MAC is the perfect size bag! I guess I must not carry much. I can fit all of my essentials in there plus my son's allergy meds and a small toy. I have a toddler who is not yet potty trained (ugh, who knew how tough THAT is!!), and the only thing I can't fit in there is pull-ups and wipes.
  9. I switched to small wallet (Card case) and that helps a lot- I don't carry much with me anyway- so the MAC is definitely not too small for me. But I tossed out that huge wallet a long time ago. Also I love big bags and people laugh at me once they sell what I have in that huge bag.
  10. I love the MAC and use it for my "going out" bag when my husband and I go somewhere without kids. It will hold my wallet, Blackberry, lipstick, compact, etc. with room left over. However, for my "real life" (work or going somewhere with the kids), I use a MAB. The MAB holds my wallet, Blackberry, and cosmetic bag, plus whatever else I need. I like the fact that it makes it so I don't always have to carry a briefcase for work or a diaper bag with the kids. So, I guess the reason that I love the MAC so much is because it is like a vacation from my regular purse. Does that make sense? Oh, how I miss the days when a MAC could be my everyday purse! :P
  11. ^^^:tup: I agree with this. The MAC is the vacation bag from your everyday purse when you can get by with just a few things.
  12. "I love the MAC and use it for my "going out" bag"
    I would like to get a MAC for the same reason. I just have to find the one I want. :biggrin:

    I don't think I could carry a MAC as my every day bag. Well maybe when my kids get older. But still, I like to have room in my bag. I don't like my stuff all packed tight.
  13. I can't use a MAC for everyday, as I have a toddler and need to have some snacks, toy, diaper & wipes with me as well. I still love it though!
  14. I agree with the girls who say they cannot use a MAC for everyday but it is the perfect going out, shopping etc. bag! Hands free also. It does hold quite a bit if you downsize your wallet. I use mine to go to ball games and carry my phone, small digital camera, lipgloss, small wallet or pouch along with hand sanitizer and my sunnies! i especially like it for shopping as you can put the reciepts in the front pocket! I love easy organization!
  15. I'm new to TPF and RM and looking to buy my first bag. Originally I was going to go with a MBMJ, but RM is definitely less common in my area. I think I'll definitely end up with both of these, but I can't decide which one to get first! Any suggestions on which one would be a great first buy? I'm guessing they both are, but I thought some of you could maybe help make my decision a little easier. There isn't anywhere near me that sells RM so I'm currently making my decision based on online pics. Thanks for any help!
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