MAC nail laquer- dissapointing

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  1. (sorry for the mispell :disappointing)

    A couple of months ago I decided to buy 3 bottles of MAC..I've used them all and by the third time of use, the laquer is already a bit sticky. I'm so dissapointed in the quality...Even my OPI brands haven't gotten that bad and I've had them for 4 months.:tdown:

    (I still LOVE their make-up though!!!!!!:heart::heart:)
  2. I had my OPI for a year and it still works like a dream ;) Although I love MAC eyeshadows and lipstuff the nailpolishes never appealed that much to me (except for whirlwind) because you could get most colors from cheaper drugstore brands
  3. I think for nail polish wise, it's better to stick to OPI. MAC is great for their makeup though.
  4. Oh no! sorry to hear that. Thanks for the warning.
  5. My MAC counter is pretty good about accepting returns if you aren't happy. I would return them, especially since you bought 3 bottles...
  6. I'll make sure I steer away from MAC varnish!