Mac -n- Cheeeeeeese!

  1. I totally just ate almost the whole box of Macaroni and Cheese(I got the blues..:roflmfao:) I just made. I cant help but to :heart: the stuff.
    Anyone else indulge in the occasional Mac n Cheese?
  2. I love mac n cheese! I haven't had the blue box blues since they made them in the shape of Rugrats. I did have a few bites of Boston Market mac n cheese about a month ago. Now that I think about it, I think the little one inside me is making me crave mac n cheese. I guess it's better than pickles with ice cream.
  3. of course! it's a good stand-by when there's nothing else. Plus sometimes I crave it.
  4. I haven't eaten the stuff in over 30 years - can't stand it.
  5. It is one of my most favorite things in the world to eat!! I have perfected the art of cooking it my kids friends say I make the best Mac n' cheese (it's just Kraft!). I cook it al dente...barely!!! Yummy!!!
  6. I only eat my grandma's homemade mac and cheese.
  7. I :heart: homemade tooooo. Kraft is just faster & easier:smile:
  8. Up here in Seattle a local purveyor makes the best mac and cheese.
    It's called Beecher's. I think I saw them for sale thru dean& deluca.
    But my all time fav is the kraft.
    I love that powdery cheese.
    Do you all mix the cheese and the macaroni together right before serving, or do you keep it separated just until popping it in your mouth?
  9. I really can't stand the Kraft blue box. It's ugh. What I do like occasionally, is the Velveeta Shells and Cheese! That's good sometimes! With ketchup! :yahoo: But in the end, I usually just boil up some elbow macs and melt tons of sharp cheddar cheese over it.
    I would like to try one those fabulous Food TV Mac ones. I think Tyler makes The Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese TDF. I just can't see myself buying like 5 cheese for one use, unless I use them all up....
  10. PMS food ever...I know this from over 20+ years of it, LOL!!
  11. :roflmfao:

    jchiara: I love the Velveeta kind too! I think I might like that more then Kraft!:tup:
  12. i love it, only with tuna though!
  13. Yup, gotta love the stuff!! I usually get Kraft 'cause it's good and it's cheap, but there's this brand called Aunt Annie (it's got a bunny on the box) which is DELICIOUS! A bit more expensive here in Mexico because it's imported, but really worth it. The shells and white cheese one... TDF!
  14. I love homemade mac 'n cheese, but if I have to eat out of the blue box, I like to get the extra creamy stuff.
  15. I really love mac n cheese after it's been in the fridge for a day... just eating it cold. sounds gross... but its deliciousssss.