MAC Moistureblend... sad, sad face.

  1. I went in for Studio Tech (already use Studio Fix) and got the Moistureblend put on. I liked how it looked, and I thought the greasy feeling would go away more, maybe even the way *I* would put it on, but it's the same. I don't like it, and I'm afraid my face is going to break out (I'm very easy to break out)

    I'm disappointed in myself for getting that one... But I was told it had moisture (obvious) and the SPF 15 which is good, and how much of it is actually water, which I think she said 60%. She was so patient and helpful and calm and I thought I was really being helped to make the right decision, and maybe I was. The only problem I have with it is how greasy it feels, and I'm afraid of breaking out (which she assured me I wouldn't any more than I normally would) and I figure they'd know if anything.

    So maybe what she was going for was looks, and not how it feels-- which think about how true of a choice that is for most people, even myself!

    But I think the feeling may be too intolerable. I may go get Studio Tech indefinitely.

    Just thought I'd share my experience with this product! Not too satisfied... it looks good but my skin is also very oily so I don't know what this will look like in a few hours, but we'll see!
  2. It's so interesting how skin will react to different make-up/cosmetics. Studio Tech is the only foundation that stays looking decent on my face for more than an hour. My skin is much different than yours--it's basically dry, sensitive, and I still break out, but not as much as when younger. It doesn't feel greasy to me. So maybe it's better on older, drier skin.

    It's a shame that you bought a product that you're not completely happy with. I do that with cosmetics and body products all the time and could kick myself!:s
  3. I have to say if it doesn't feel comfortable please was it off! Or you will probably break out. You skin knows what feels good on it and what does not. Hope all turns out well!
  4. I also tried that a few weeks ago. Within 5 minutes my face was itching, couldn't wait to get it off.
  5. Does anyone know if the Studio Tech feels like this in comparison to the Mostureblend?

    I'll try it before I get it, but I did that with this and I'm so unsatisfied. I like how it looks though, but the feeling of it is the problem. I didn't try the Tech, but I noticed it looks creamy, but NOTHING like how creamy the moistureblend is. Just curious.