MAC Luster Shadow HELP

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  1. Ok ladies. I love MAC as we all know now. I have many shadows: Matt, Frost, Veloxe Pearl, Lusters.. etc.. but I find that the Lusters are hard to keep on. They contain a lot of sparkle in them, and I find that sparkle falls off more than it stays put on the lid.. I have a packing brush which I use and for the most part with my UDPP it will work but it takes me work to work the brush and pack the stuff on. Am I missing something here? Help me please with my beautiful Luster shadows.. please. I love Honey Lust and Gleam.
  2. ^^ I have the same problem and have given up using mine all together. I steer clear of them all together now.

    I'm watching this thread! I wanna use mine too...I have Gleam just sitting there rotting away...
  3. Try getting some of the shadow on your brush and then spraying the brush with Fix+ and then packing it on (not swiping the brush across your eyes). Lusters are hard to work with but this usually makes it go on much smoother and helps get the color to show up more. HTH!
  4. What is Fix+? I need to get it. I love my lusters, especially my new Honey Lust...
  5. Apply it wet with mixing medium, water, fix+. Fix+ is a spray that's supposed to help refresh your makeup and make you look less powdery and more natural looking.

    Use a stickier base too (I use MUFE concealer and it works fine) and pack them on instead of sweeping them on with a dense brush.
  6. does ulta sell Fix+? Never heard of this.
  7. Fix+is a MAC product its about 15 bucks but it lasts forever. It also helps alot with pigment! also you could try layering them over paint pots or different bases to intensify them.
  8. It is working for me just so messy. Very sparkly. I found that if I put it on using my fingers it is better, and easier to pack on. Can I use this shadow wet?
  9. I use Urbam Decay Primer Potion or really thick concealer as a base , you need to make sure the surface is still stickey so the shadow sticks , or use eyedrops -like Visense and get your brush a little wet with the drops and dip them into your shadow , it turns it into liquid that will stick to your lid :flowers:
  10. What I did was I dipped my 252 in water and swirled some Honey Lust on and then packed it in my lid.. OMGoodness.. Honey Lust Love! It works. What a beautiful color. Thanks ladies.
  11. how can you use fix with pigments?ive asked a few MUA at MAC and they didnt seem to know what it was for:confused1:

    Yeah Tori :yahoo: im so excited for you!! When i get it, Im going to use all your tips THANKS!!
  12. Spray the brush with fix+, water or mixing medium and then dip the brush into the pigment.

    Another good use for fix+ and pigments is to put a neutral pigment (like vanilla) into the fix+ and you can get a natural dewy look with it.
  13. ^^ Thanks for the tips!! do you spray the fix & vanilla on your face then??
  14. yep! loveeeee vanilla pigment and loooove my fix+ just make sure u dont get you product wet... that can ruin them!

    with thee shadows packing them may reduce fallout but really all you can do is use tape to remove the sparkles after they fall. thats why i do my eyes 1st/
  15. Well fall out is a problem, but not really what I was talking about. What I meant was the product, Honey Lust, wasn't really showing up too well. Now what I do is wet my 252 brush in water, I don't have fix+, and I pick up the color much better and the color stays on brighter now. I don't think I need the fix+, but thanks for the tip.