Mac lovers

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    Just a public service annoucement:

    MAC will be coming out in all old new style with tassels and dog leash clip in from like LO's burnt orange:
    Dark Brown
    Grape YUM!!!!!
  2. yay!!! when?!?
  3. Ooo thanks for the info!! Can't wait!
  4. Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  5. Yaay!
  6. Almond and Grape!!! I want!!!!:yahoo:
  7. Grape Grape Grape!!! I'm guessing this will be in feb?
  8. Ooooooh....can't wait!!!! That's fabulous news!
  9. Thank you for the update MSG!!! I think all those colours are going to be on my WANT list ;)
  10. oooooh! I have to get one of these!
  11. Oooooohhhh TANGERINE!!! Yahoooooooooo!!!
  12. what will the almond color look like?
  13. DAMN!! I am starting to save my pennies!! Thanks for the PSA, MSG!! :yahoo:

    May I ask who you heard about the mixed HW Tangerine from? 'Cause I am stalking this bag since my Burnt Orange had to be returned...and LB told me that it would most likely have the signature HW. But I so hope that your info is right, because I :heart: the tangerine like nobody's business!!
  14. Um I am in lurve w/ my orange MAC. Grape sounds...WOW! Thanks for posting!
  15. I think that it looks like this: