MAC lovers -- Studio Tech?

  1. I just bought some new foundation to wear at my sisters outdoor wedding on memorial day weekend. I got MAC Studio Tech.

    I know there are LOTS of MAC fans here -- does anyone have any opinions on it ?

    I have fair/light skin and wanted something that would stay on all day, look good in photoes, and provide medium coverage.. Did I get the right foundation??

  2. It's pretty cool. It's more creamy than Studio Fix which some people complain is too dry. It all depends on what you are looking for. I think you made a good choice. :p
  3. Haven't used it but would love to hear other's opinions! I'm currently looking for a new foundation as well.
  4. I have used this. It is very creamy and provides med to full coverage, however it does get quite cakey as the day goes on. The good thing about studio tech is that is makes you look flawless in photos. You don't look white either from the flash like with other foundations. However I moved on to liquid foundation because the cream started to clog my skin and I wasn't happy with the cakeyness.
  5. I like it. I def. would buy it again.
  6. I love studio tech. It's the only foundation I'll use.
  7. i used a mix of studio tech and mac's liquid concealer, or well the makeup artist did for my wedding pictures and all of the pictures came out to look like my real i think its good but it might be too heavy for an outside wedding...ive recently been using chanel's powder makup and i think its a goodmix of studio tech and studio fix
  8. I use to use Studio tech for a few years.I quit though b/c it made my skin not-so-great after a while.

    It's good but I wouldn't recc to wear it daily.
  9. ^^^Agreed, I used it for awhile but it didn't let my skin breathe and I began to have a lot of breakouts. The coverage is good if you need/like buildable coverage like that.

    I recently made the switch to studio fix fluid (has sunscreen and stuido fix (the powder) for days when I don't need as much coverage. They're not as long lasting as Studio Tech but my skin looks better when I am not wearing all the make up.
  10. I'm not a fan but that's because I prefer lighter coverage. If you're using it for a wedding or special occasions, I think this is perfect. I wouldn't recommend using it often or daily because of the breakout possibility.
  11. Sounds like I made a good choice for the wedding. I'll use it sparingly on "normal" days.. has anyone tried the mineralize satin finish MAC foundation? Is that good for daily use?

  12. I use it and love it :smile:

    But I'm not sure it's the right choice for photos. Usually, foundations with SPF contain titanium dioxide, which can make your face look white if the flash is turned on.

    As for mineralise, even though MAC says it's okay for all skin types, it's better to buy it if you have dry to normal skin. For oil skin types, it can be quite rich.
  13. I wore my MAC foundation (w/ SPF) for my friend's wedding last year and didn't have this problem at all.

    Sorry I can't remember which foundation it was off the top of my fix fluid or perhaps select SPF...not so sure!

    Katie, definately try it out before the wedding to make sure you like it. I love MAC foundation but my sister didn't. It dried her skin out which was weird because I have the drier skin. Oh and definately use moisturizer underneath. That may be my secret to the foundation not drying out my skin.

    I also have the Studio Fix compact, but have not tried the Studio Tech. If it's anything like the Fix, it won't provide nearly as much coverage as a liquid. I just use keep it in my bag for emergency touch ups.
  14. I have been using MAC Studio Fix (Power and Foundation in one) for daily wear for a few years now. I am getting married in a few months. MAC artist recommended that I use Studio Tech (as it is supposedly ideal for photography) and top it off with Minearlize Skinfinish Powder.

    For some reason I feel like I will get a more-complete-soft-coverage with a liquid foundation. Considering Minearlize Satin Finish SPF 15 Foundation.

    Minearlize Satin Finish or Studio Tech??

    Suggestions please!!

    Thanks in advance!