MAC look in a box

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  1. Hi i wanted to find out which MAC look box everyone bought or which you were interseted in. I purchased the Seductress look box i was going to purchase the sweet tease mostly for the eyeshadows and the lipglass but my sis was telling me that i dnt have iridesscent blush or the bare slimshine.
  2. I'm thinking about getting the Sweet Tease
  3. After REALLY looking at them, I passed and instead bought a few new e/s colors and a blush - the colors in the boxes were just kind of blah to me...
  4. Which do you think would be best for an olive skin tone, with brown eyes/brown hair? I'm interested in getting one.
  5. I think sun siren.
  6. Thanks :smile:
  7. I like all of them, but I think Sweet Tease is my favorite... I'd probably choose that one! Everytime I see "Look in a Box" though it reminds me of this lol...

  8. I had part of the items from Sweet Tease already and swapped for the ones I did not have on MUA, the only thing I did not get was the brush.
  9. if I could purchase something, it would be the seductress.
  10. I got the sweet tease and when I wore the set for the first time, my DH commented "I like your makeup"....he rarely comments on my makeup so I think I made the right choice. By the way, I have brown hair and eyes and fair to medium skin if that helps anyone decide.
  11. Where are you guys finding this? I just looked on the mac website and didn't see them. Thanks!
  12. It's part of the nordstrom anniversary mac exclusive, its on the nordstrom website. HTH
  13. These are part of Nordstrom's Anniversary items and can be found at your locak Nordstrom's or online here:

    I'm personally not going to get any of these boxes because I already own most of the eye shadows individually along with bare slimshine but if I didn't own anything from any of the boxes I think I'd choose sweet tease. Shell Pearl beauty powder is one of my absolute favorites as well as mulch eye shadow (a very pretty brown) and love nectar lustreglass.

    I'm thinking of picking up the mini brush sets because the bags they come in are so pretty and an eye shadow palette or two. Has anyone purchased anything from this collection yet?