Mac lip liner

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  1. I got the wrong one by accident. I wanted subculture, but got sublime culture.. damn it.. but I think I like it, as I can use it with my NARS Belle de jour and blond venus.. very light and natrual. Does anyone have this color.. I want to know what you think of it?
  2. which? the subculture pencil or belle de jour? or the sublime? i have subculture and love it. very nude. i like using it with all my glosses. it doesn't change the color like the spice and cedar and whirl pencils do on my lips. btw, subculture is a pencil you sharpen, sublime culture is a liner that twists up, no sharpening.

    btw, anyone have the new nars belle de jour velvet matte pencil?
  3. Its the sublime culture retractable liner.