Mac Leopard preview is here! (4 all Mac Enthusiasts)

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  1. They've also released the Mac Pro. Goddamned it's so sexy, I want to get two.
  2. Wow! This is awesome!!!! Is it available to upgrade now? I have an ibook G4 and man oh man, I will never go back to a pc again!!!! I'm still a newbie though, only had it since January. Still learning!
  3. Vlad, your post was so...lusty:shame: :lol:
  4. I often wonder when Apple will run out of big cat names and will have to move on to something else after which to name their OSes.
  5. I also have an iBook G4. I can't wait to upgrade, the new features look like fun!
  6. Sorry, I'm new to all this Mac lingo...

    If I go buy a Macbook tomorrow, will it have all this cool stuff?
  7. I LOVE MAC!!!
    it's the best computer ever!!
  8. Sadly, the current MacBooks don't have Leopard installed yet. :crybaby:
  9. Is it something I can buy and install later... like a Windows upgrade?

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to the Apple store this week and leaving with a beautiful new Macbook computer. I've been waiting for this moment forever (if anyone's been following my eBay nightmare.. :crybaby: ). I want to get it now so I can still get the great offer they have right now for students.

  10. Vickitoria,

    Bought a new mac for my niece with my school discount as a graduation pressie. With the rebates, I got a new ipod- (mine was dying) and we got a printer! It's just a pain to photocopy everything for the rebate!

    When I got my mac, it was running Panther. Tiger was coming out in about 2 months later, so they gave me a coupon at sale to upgrade for 35 instead of 95. Ask if they can do something like that for you regarding upgrading from Tiger to Leopard.

    I really hope the next system upgrade after Leopard is "house cat". Between Jaguar, Panther, Tiger and Leopard- it's a lot of cats to keep straight!

    I love my mac. It's my favorite possession. :yahoo:
  11. Do you know when they will Vlad? I heard around December.
  12. I loveee my iMac. I will never buy another PC, in fact, we're replacing all of our computers with Macs. So fast, reliable, and user friendly!
  13. Pushed back to 1st qrtr of '07 :Push:
  14. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    timemachine will definitely come in handy some day :shame: and the ichat stuff is soooo cool i was :roflmfao: when he did the photobooth effects :biggrin:
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