mac jacbos in nordsthrom rack

  1. I bought a mac jacbos large bag in nordsthrom rack today. It is only 499 and I like it very much.:tup:
  2. The original price is 999. The color is nature and it's a large signiture bag. if you like mac jacbos bag ,go checking your nordsthrom rack.:tup:
  3. wow GREAT buy!! did they have any other bags there?
  4. I bought it from okabrook Nordstrom in chicago. When I got there , there is only one left. I don't know if other Nordstrom still have others. But there are still a lot of coach and juciy there.
  5. i really hope you got a Marc Jacobs bag and not Mac Jacbos....:blink:
  6. ^^ Too Hilarious! :roflmfao:
  7. sorry , wrong spell
  8. marc jacobs:hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  9. i actually saw that bag in black and green at off Saks in westbury, ny. they have it for a little bit more than 500, but with a 30% coupon it's def. under $500.

    i didn't like that marc jacobs bag because the leather wasn't as soft as the other ones. other than that the big spelled out logo thing wasn't working for me either.

    but either way, it's a good deal for a MJ.
  10. are you live in new york?
  11. I like a chanel bag . It is pink with black logo in the right down side. I can't find it anywhere. I was told by the manager in hawaii chanel store that there may be only one in newyork outlet. Have you seen it before?
  12. I really really wish we had a Nordstrom Rack here!

  13. Does anyone know if hte Nordstrom rack in westbury has a 2nd floor? I went there once and it the set up was horrible IMO. so I didn't bother looking around but perhaps there was a second floor or something I didn't see?
  14. I have one that is 5 minutes from me. If you send me photos of the bags you are looking for , then I can PM if I see it there,
    i'm sure they do charge sends :smile: don't need a NR near you, you have TPF hehe