MAC Hyper Real foundation

  1. Has anyone tried it? I usually use powder foundations, but I was poking around on the MAC site and saw the Hyper Real again. Does it provide good coverage? I'm 44, but I have rosacea and still have some acne, so I need quite a bit of coverage. Also, my face is on the oily side.
  2. Hyper Real isn't that great for oily skin - it has an almost shiny finish which accentuates oily skin further. It's also a bit much for everyday wear IMO bc of the finish. I'd wear it out at night or for a special occasion. The color selection was also pretty limited so I had a hard time finding a good match. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with it.
  3. Thanks for posting. Maybe I could look in to for a special occasion type makeup. I wondered how shiny/sparkly it would be.
  4. i wouldn't really call it sparkly, but it is sort of shiny, almost an iridescent pearlized type of finish. like you know when there's an oil slick on the road and the light reflects off of it in a certain way so that you see a rainbow of colors? to me it's like a less extreme version of that. i tried this awhile back and i didn't really like it at all-it didn't give me great coverage as i do have redness in my cheeks, and i couldn't find a good color match either.
  5. yes i bought it a while back ago and i used it for about a week and stopped after that. it's very "glowy" but once you step outside, it looks really sparkly and everyone that saw me wear it when i was outside said it looked "funny" then i stopped using it lol
  6. I wear this foundation. However, I don't wear foundation during the day as I don't really need to, so if you're looking to wear this during the day I would look for something else, as it doesn't look its best under natural light. However it looks great under artificial light. It's really sheer so it isn't great at covering imperfections, but if you have clear skin then it would be a good choice for evening makeup.
  7. I have developed oily t zone over the last year and tried hyper made me break out big time! ugh it was horrible!!
  8. This is one of the foundations that are best used in photos, because of the shimmer in it, it gives off a dewy finish in photos. In person its kinda.. yeah. THERE. The best way to use Hyper Real is using a bit on your cheeks after you put on a different foundation like.. Studio Fix Fluid. If you do like the dewy ness all over, MAC make up artists blot the nose and in between the eyebrows with Studio Fix powder.

    They do have a more wearable version which is the Mineralized foundation it has a slight dewy effect to it, and has minerals and stuff "good" for your face. I heard its good for mature skin. I also think its buildable coverage! If not add the Mineralized skinfinish powder on top.

    ALSO!! hahahahaha make sure your skin is moisturized, and add strobe cream under your face to make it even more dewy.