MAC Holiday makeup pallettes and BRUSH SETS!!

  1. They are launched every year around this time and I promised myself I'd remember to post when I got my email from MAC about them!
    Especially after reading about how many of you wanted the brushes at a lower cost.

    M·A·C Cosmetics | Holiday/Formal Black

    They do such a great job with the cases and color selection each year. This set looks like it's going to be my fav.
  2. 2 nov I think it is where i'm from. I love it. I think there so cute. and the lip sets too. I'm going to buy the sets in the brushes. you can never have enough brushes I have loads now but I'm going to use these ones as part of my kit :smile:
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. Thanks for the heads up!:yes:
  5. Cool!!
  6. Cool, I want the smokey eyes and red lips :graucho:
  7. i like the metal casing for the compact, very cool!
  8. My sister has been raving about these, I can't wait to get my hands on them.
  9. Thanks...I love MAC!
  10. I received an email with free shipping so I ordered the warm lip colors and I LOVE them...

    they smell so yummy and the case is soo chic
  11. I was very disappointed when I saw the brushes in these sets. They are NOT the same quality as other MAC brushes I own. In fact I practically had to beg the SA to let me feel them as they were in a display case. After I felt them I knew why they didn't want anyone to touch them, vry poor quality in my opinion. CVS house brand (essence of beauty) give more bang for an inexpensive brush.
  12. ^ Agree with the PP - MAC's holiday brush sets look cute, but the brush quality is terrible. Definitely save your money for the full size, or splurge on my personal faves (Trish and Shu Uemura).
  13. i got the warm eye pallette and i love it :smile:
  14. I like the Viva Glam palette. I want to check that out!
    I usually throw away those small brushes and use my cute little smashbox one :smile:
  15. OHh Im interested in the Smoked Eyes.
    Everytime I go into the store their sold out.
    Im going to try purchasing it online.

    Does anyone have a code for free shipping by any chance? ; )