MAC ~ Grey eyeshadow

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  1. Ok I am into the grey smokey look. I have Silver ring, Electra and Black Tied. Do you know if Greystone is still available, I didn't see it at the counter? I need another color a bit darker than Silver ring. What do you suggest? Night Devine?
  2. Knight Devine is great..... Carbon is awesome too. (My Fav)
  3. I have all of the colors that you mentioned plus Carbon and Knight Devine. KD is slightly darker than silver ring. They are all fabulous shades! Dontcha just love MAC shadows!
  4. Knight Divine!
  5. I am so obsessed, I can't walk passed the counter and not buy another shadow. I love to experiment.
  6. I really like Knight Divine & Scene.
  7. Yeh I think Devine Knight may be my next with Scene. I love that look so much, but I feel like the greys almost look blue on my semi olive skin.. I don't see this an issue with Kim Kardashian though. Anyone else this happen to?
  8. i just bought MAC Print & i love it! it looks dark but when u put it on & blend its amazing!!
  9. Remotely grey is really nice too. It came out with the N collection so I'm not sure if it's still there but I really like it.
  10. I just got Knight Divine...sooo pretty!
  11. Knight Divine, carbon are great...
  12. You should really try using the MAC paint tube in Graphite as a base for your smokey shadow look on you lid.. It makes your eye makeup last through a steamy club outting and is the perfect base.
  13. ^^ PS. You can also use it on your lower eyelid instead of eyeliner and it won't smear. :tup:
  14. I have Print and it's amazing for my dark brown eyes, Carbon (black) looks kinda strange. How does Knight Devine compare to Print?
  15. Yes this is a great question. I don't want to buy all these colors. I have Electra, Silver ring, and something similar to Black tied. What other grey should I get if I only want to buy one more?