MAC Glitter Girls

  1. If you are a MAC lover like myself, then I'm sure you have many jars of glitter. I absolutely love glitter! Its just gorgeous espically if you use it in a classy way. So, I'm wondering what do you do to make it stay put? I've tried mac mixing base, and I also have tried benefit she laq, which works OK, but I'm wondering if there is anything better out there? any suggestions be great! TIA
  2. i just bought two pigment jars of the reflects glitter line and they are AMAZING (blackened red and antique gold)! i use them over paint pots and shadow with mixing medium. great staying power and so fabulous!
  3. Try their glitter liners. I like those much better than loose glitter.
  4. Use the MAC paints first as a base.
  5. I know some people that use Lash Glue - if you do use lash glue, note that when you first put the glue & glitter mixture onto your eye, it won't look glittery for the first couple of minutes, but as the glue starts to dry, you will get the glittery effect.

    Personally, I just put extra foundation onto my eyes, then set the foundation with a loose powder then apply glitter. I find it sets and works best.