MAC Glamour For All Tinted Lipglass....

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  1. Hi,

    I just recently came across this lipglass at a MAC store, I haven't been buying any makeup lately--trying to be good...anyways, Glamour For All is apparently sold out online and in the MAC stores!!! Does anyone know of a color that is comparable to this shade?

  2. Hi there!

    I adore this color myself, and bought a backup recently online...

    If I were you, I would try Macy's online or Nordstrom online - they should have it, particularly Nordie's. Don't forget to use the code "BEAUTY" for reduced shipping if you buy more than $50 of beauty products at Nordie's!

    HTH. :smile:
  3. its a really really pale milky slightly pink color. beigy pink
  4. this could be the perfect color for me- I have been looking for a long time... will have to check it out. Thanks ladies