MAC free shipping

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    Receive FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any purchase. No offer code necessary. Offer is valid on orders shipped to US addresses only.

    Standard - Free when you use the offer.
    2nd Day - Only $5.00 when you use the offer.
    Overnight - Only $10.00 when you use the offer.

  2. dang I just bought some stuff today at Nordies which was 35 mins away from my house but prob bout $40 in gas with my giant gas guzzler!
  3. hmm, the details on it says free shipping with a $60 purchase
  4. does MAC ever do F&F?
  5. ^ I've never heard of MAC offering F&F discounts. I would assume that I would get them if they did since they've always mailed me the new catalogs and special invites to local events... The only discounts on Makeup I can think of is Stila, Sephora, and Benefit... which obviously don't carry the MAC line. Sorry!

  6. Yep the free shipping on any amount was only cyber monday. Now it's back to free with a $60 purchase :sad:
  7. Try this code for free shipping (any price); CS82LIVECHAT
    It worked for me about a week ago.