MAC Fix+ questions..

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  1. Hey all.^^ I have a few questions concerning the MAC Fix+....

    1. Does it work well with mineral makeup? (I use Revlon's mineral make up)
    2. Can I spray the stuff onto the brush and then dip it into the makeup and apply?
    3. How long will it last?
    4. Can/should I apply it after I've done my foundation?

    TIA. :heart:
  2. 1. i'm not sure
    2. I dip into the make up first then spray fix+ onto my brush. You could probably do either way but when you spray first & then swipe into your eyeshadow it leaves a wettish look to it [that won't go away until you used it all up]
    3. expiration:24 months. I've had mine for 5 months now, use it for everything & it's maybe a little under 3/4 full.
    4. I apply it after my whole face is done.
  3. y do u apply it to the brush>
    i only apply it to my face when im done with my makeup
  4. some eyeshadows & pigments don't show up as pigmented & vibrant as others & fix+ helps alot.
  5. I don't know if it works with mineral makeup, but you can definitely moisten your brush with Fix+. It works really well with loose eyeshadows and pigments. I've only used it as a finishing spray to set my makeup and make me look less powdery though.

    I also spray my legs and underarms with Fix+ after I epilate. It's very soothing. You can use it after shaving or waxing as well.
  6. It works great with mineral makeup! :tup:
    I have trouble with mmu settling into the creases around my nose and looking cakey. Fix+ prevents that from happening, and makes skin look dewy and smooth.

    I've used it to "wet" brushes before applying e/s. It works well for that too :yes:

    I use primer, so it's hard to tell how long it makes makeup last. I don't think it makes anything last longer, but it keeps it looking nicer all day. The bottle itself lasts a long time. I've used mine daily for months and it's still more than 1/2 full.

    I apply it as the very last step of my makeup. So yeah, it goes on after foundation (and powder, and e/s, mascara, etc). I think of it as like hairspray for the face. It's just a finishing mist to "set" everything.
  7. 1. yup :smile: I use EDM and I spray this after I apply.
    2. yes you can but then you cannot use more than one layer of makeup. it is kind of hard for me to blend so I prefer spraying after foundation
    3. lasts through the whole school day for me and past that. but i like to take makeup off when i get home
    4. i like it after. try both ways and see how u like it
  8. Oohh, thank you my lovelies! I just bought the stuff today!
    Cannot wait to try it!
  9. *Bump*
    I am very impressed with the MAC Fix+!
    Definitely makes my face look less powdery! (that always bothered me.)

    Any other MAC products that you ladies you could recommend? :smile:
    I'm planning to buy new mineral makeup and concealer, does MAC have mineral makeup?
  10. My 2nd favorite MAC product (after Fix+) is Strobe Cream. I put it on the apples of my cheeks to make them look glowy. I only use a pea-sized amount each time, so the big tube is literally going to last me forever! I also love MAC lipsticks-- they have every color you can imagine.
  11. Ok, so let me make sure I am understanding this. Do you put the eyeshadow on the brush first, then spray the brush with Fix+, then apply?? Or do you spray your whole face after finishing your make up?
  12. You can use any method Veelyn. The brush/eye shadow bit is to make the shadow color more vibrant when applying and blending it. When you spray the whole face it's setting the makeup and making it seem less powdery. It gives it a nice finish.
  13. I used it today to apply mineral shadow as liner. I sprayed the dry brush first, then dipped it in shadow and applied. Then I used it again to spray my whole face when I was done. It works REALLY well with Meow shadows-- it makes them last forever :nuts: