MAC Eyeshadows, new to me, just bought these.

  1. Ok so I LOVE the whole smokey eye look, and I have heard that with MAC eyeshadows you can get the best look.

    Eveytime I try it with black eyeshadow it ends up all over my face! Seriously.

    Well I jumped in and bought

    Black Tied- Waiting for eBay auction to end
    Vellium- Won it for $8.50


    Black Tied

    Will these look good togther if I get the method down?

    And any tips on how to put these two together?

    So combined I spent $24 on eyeshadows? Is that bad or a good deal!!!

  2. Wow I just clicked on my thread title and I COULD CHANGE IT! I never knew we could do that!!! OMG!

    Thank you...
  3. your welcome. because you only have two colors. I think for the "black tied" use the eyeshadow brush (the sponge on a stick one) and apply to the Lid of your eye.

    with a soft small eyeshadow brush, slightly smudge the shadow on your lid toward your eye crease, to give it that "smokey look"

    and with the "Vellim" lightly brush that on your brow bone. i hope you can understand my directions. lol gd lk
  4. Thanks. I will post pictures of my efforts once I get them!

    here's a tutorial that actually uses the black tied eyeshadow. she uses other shades also but i'm sure you can modify it to use your own colors. i really like this smokey eye. i'm going to give this one a shot myself when i have sometime.
  6. I love that look!!! Its so night time chic. I think of myself as smokey eye challenged... No matter what I do i cant do it! I have watched 3972975 tutorials and I have 238420384 brushes and I cant get it right :sad: Good luck though! Black tied looks great. beware of the falling glitter!
  7. Those eyeshadows are beautiful! I think I might have to buy Blacktied!! :nuts:
    IMO the best method for doing the smokey eyed look came from Britney Spears' former makeup artist (back before she was a hot mess lol) ...

    He said, put your eye makeup (minus mascara) on a bare face before you apply anything else. That way you can just wipe off mistakes without ruining your foundation.

    Next, apply liquid foundation with a sponge, blending very carefully around the eyes so you don't smear your shadow. Set the foundation under your eyes right away with loose powder so the makeup doesn't have a chance to smear...

    Apply blush next, then set the rest of your face with a loose powder, blending in that powder beneath your eyes. Apply gloss and mascara last so you don't get powder on it...

    The end result is a "clean" smokey-eyed look that doesn't end up all over your face! :tup:
  8. ^ That girl has the most stunning eyes! With that shadow, they're mesmerizing :girlsigh:
  9. That's a really great site! I can't wait to get my eyeshadows...
  10. I have Black Tied and I love it!
  11. Black Tied is one of my favorites when going out at night
  12. I love black tied! It makes the greatest smokey eye, combined with MAC fluidline and pigments.
  13. Ohhh, I have both of those colors... fab buys (and you did get a good deal)! :tup: :heart: Hmmm, I would check out they have some great tutorials with step by step instructions and pictures. :tup: Otherwise, just have fun with trial and error haha... I know Almay makeup pads are my best friends when it comes to playing around with eye shadows! :p
  14. Pretty colors!! I think I am going to try that Black Tied eyeshadow!