MAC eyeshadow colors chart? Photos?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a MAC eyeshadow color chart with actual photos? For example if someome had a picture of the eyeshadow counter displays and had taken the time to write the names on each color? I know it's a long shot, but I thought it might be floating around the internet somewhere, with so many MAC addicts around!
  2. try can see hundreds of MAC swatches & they also list a link of a few galleries of all the shades! I even like to look up shades on eBay to see pics! The MAC site is the worst for swatches!
  3. Just google MAC swatches and you'll find a lot of pages with swatches. There's a lot of other pages that also exist that have swatches of products other than MAC. Like the poster above me said, definitely try They are hardcore MAC lovers.
  4. thank you! i had been googling "color chart" - trying "swatches" now
  5. Thanks sunkist_baby! I just bookmarked her site. I was looking more for something like she has for the mineralize:
    but for shadows. I was on the specktra site last night for hours looking through people's collections. Some collections are just insane.