MAC eye primer v. Urban Decay

  1. I couldn't find a thread that compare these two. Has anyone try these and which one you'd like better? I'm currently using Lancome color based and it works great for me, but I'm thinking of trying MAC.

    also what about MAC fluidline in general? does it smudge on oily lid? Can I use the pain pot as eyeliner? what's the diff b/w the fluidline and the pot besides one is a liner and one is a shadow?

  2. i don't really love the mac fluidline's so much, i find they're not as smooth/long-lasting as the bobbi brown gel liners which last really well on my oily lids.

    as for the mac paint pots vs. urban decay primer, i really prefer the mac paint pots. i have them in all sorts of colors depending on what color eyeshadow i'm using. the urban decay primer is nice, but i find the paint pots to be smoother and my eyeshadow lasts longer using these, but i know there are TONS of urban decay primer fanatics as well.

    i don't think you could use most of the paint pots as eyeliners, as they're pretty light (but then again i have them in colors like pink and peach). also the texture is different from the gel liners.
  3. thank you JC for the review, very helpful in deciding which to get. When you use the paint pot as a base, do you put it on the entired lid then shadow then liner? It might not work as a liner (in replacement of the fluidline) but can outdo the prep + primer in keeping the shadows and liner on without smudging? So if I'm using this as a base then it's not necessary to have primer too right?
  4. I a MAC girl through and through, but for a actual skin tone primer I'd take the Urban Decay primer potion over MAC primers (paints, paint pots) any day. I do like using the MAC paint and pant pots in different colors though, but for an actually primer I use the Urban Decay even under using the MAC paint pot in the different colors.
  5. I can't live without UDPP or my new fave, Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

    I think I'm just about the only person who doesn't care for using Paints/Paint Pots as a color base. If I can't get a shadow to work on it's own, I don't want it.
  6. hmmm so what's the purpose of the paint pot? Aren't they cream eyeshadows?
  7. They are cream shadows, that I know of. But, a lot of people buy them with the intention of layering harder to use/see colors on top. Or, they use them as primers. I'd rather use a primer as a primer.
  8. Urban Decay Primer Potion is better than any makeup primer on the market. It holds eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. ALL DAY even in humid weather where sometimes makeup likes to smudge. I love it and it's really easy to use with the applicator. I just dab some on my eyelid and use my ring finger to smooth out the bumps and make sure everything is covered. :smile:
  9. I Must Get This.. As Soon As The Roads Clear Up..
  10. I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion as an eyeshadow primer. I was using Mac paint pots to put UNDERNEATH the fluidline, however the fluidline would still smear. Still looking for an eyeliner that works!
  11. i love urban decay's primer for powder eye shadows - keeps anything on all day without a crease! I just got the paint pots and didn't use a primer so we will see.
  12. Love MAC products. I use the fluid liner with no problems, but I have dry skin, so that may be the difference for me. You might want to try MAC's "Technakohl liners". This stuff stays on so good, MAC makes a special cleaner just to remove it. Lasts forever. It's not a pencil, but in pencil form. Added bonus, it never needs sharpening.
  13. I know most people here prefer urban decay, but, I love MAC paint pots. I've tried both, and the paint pots just work better for me. I guess it's just personal preference. It just works well with my skin.
  14. An SA at Macy's accidently gave me MAC Prep and Prime eye instead of prep and prime face so I gave it a try. Didn't really like it at all, my eyeshadows creased midday.