MAC e/s brushes!

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  1. Please post the essential mac eyeshadow bdays coming up and i can finally get some!
  2. These will be my MAC picks, if i had to pick only 3.
    226 (Limited Edition, it came out with Color Craft collection, try getting a hold of this one if you can)

    Happy Birthday :smile:
  3. 224 - if there was any brush must have, its that one!
  4. 239, 217, 224, and 219 :smile:

    The 239 is probably my all time fave makeup brush- its just amazing.
  5. 239, 252 (good for paint pots on my deepset eyes), 226 (LE, but nothing's better in the crease), and I like the angled 275 too! Oh, and 224 for blending.
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    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    In my opinion these aare my top 3 must haves..
    219-shading on the lid, the corners of the eyes or around the lash line.
    239-great shader brush for the lid.
    and if you have funds remaining 224 or 228 for the brow bone will work well
  7. I agree with keodi but I would also add the 266 or 208 (both are angled liner brushes). The 217 is pretty versatile. I use it for Paint Pots, blending, or adding a wash of color to the lids or brow bone. The 219 is also good for smudging eyeliner. Also take a look at the 224 or 222, both are blending brushes. The differences between the two are size and bristles. The 224 is bigger and has black bristles which are softer and may take a little more time to blend. The 222 is smaller for more precise blending and the bristles are white goat hairs which are little stiffer than the black bristles.
  8. 222 - Applying color for outer v
    224 - Absolute MUST HAVE for blending. I do not apply any e/s on this brush...strictly blending.
  9. I LOVE the 224!!!
  10. Oh yes! I also have Smashbox's equivalent of this brush, but the bristles are too soft. The 224's are just right!
  11. 239 and 217 are the essentials in my opinion. I use them everyday.
  12. i use my 209 brush everydayy!
  13. correction I meant 222..