MAC Cult of Cherry Fall 2008 Preview

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  1. hey ladies!! Just an FYI for you makeup lovers - the new MAC Cult of Cherry line for fall 2008 is almost here - yay!

    I've got some previews of it on my blog if you'd like a sneek-peek!


    I am so super excited about this line - not because I like cherry print on anything really, but I LOVE fall colors and chocolate-cherry is a super fun mix!
  2. ooo!!! i luv the colors!!!
  3. I love fall and I love all the rich colors that go with it!:heart:

    "You know fall is just around the corner when Bath & Bodyworks starts to put out the pumpkin-sceneted candles" <---LOVE when they do this, and SO true.

    Cherry-chocolate looks fabulous! Yum-O!:drool:

    (Plus, it doesn't help that I will always be a sucker for cherry print, no matter how dated everyone else thinks it is.):P
  4. I was looking at swatches on Spektra, and I am so loving Rich & Ripe lipglass. It's another red, but I am hoping it's different enough from Lil Hot Pepper (from the Electroflash collection) that I can justify getting it.
  5. I'm really looking forward to some of the overrich pigments they're releasing on the 21st. Some scrumptious color there...:love:
  6. the 2 i'm most looking forward to is mega-rich & blondes gold.:heart:the swatches are beautiful!
  7. AHHH. i cant wait for Cult of Cherry :heart:333 lol i wantto get ALL the quads. hahah. XD lovee :heart:33
  8. I'm loving the whole green spot color too - influenced by the cherry stem - I think that is something so simple, yet totally overlooked!
  9. I want the spiced chocolate quad and russian red for sure - we'll see about the others ;)
  10. I have the russian red lippy from years ago - it's my staple red but it does tend to turn a bit pinkie after a couple hours on my lips :sad:

    I'm thinking about maybe mixing it with some chocolate brown to make a more brickie-red.
  11. I'm going to the launch party tomorrow night and I'm beyond excited!!!! yippee! Can't wait to preview this whole collection tomorrow - probably be getting most stuff since it's not releasing for two more weeks.
  12. i'm really looking forward to this collection! i'm debating on whether or not i need one of those quads, they are very pretty though! i'm just not sure if they'd look nice on me
  13. I recieved a postcard about this collection!

    The colors look dark, rich and spicy! I love the dark eyedshadows, but can't pull of the red or darker lipsticks because my lips are so small. But I love theme!
  14. I am super excited for this collection, I can't wait to bring in the fall with some new colors:yahoo:
  15. Yummy!
    I think fall has some of the best colors!