MAC cosmetics

  1. OK-I am pretty much hooked on this stuff now-LOL!

    Hubby has a list his wallet and 4 things to pick up for me when he returns to work on Monday (we live in Brooklyn-he works in Manhattan and can go to a MAC store whenever).

    Anyway-anything you think I should try?
  2. The new lipgelee's are great if you have not tried them.

    It gives you a really wet lip look. The colors are kind of sheer.
  3. Gee-I just read my above post and I sound terrible! LOL-I really need to proofread better before hitting submit-oy!
  4. I love the new Pressed Irridescent Powder in STAR! Its gorgeoussss.

    and I LOOOOOVE Jist Lipstick it gives a nice peachy pinky nudey browny lip.
  5. the gold eyeshadow -- use it to rim your eyes, really brightens your eyes
  6. All their eyeshadows, incredible. I love their mascara and I use lipglass. I love all their things!
  7. Great eyeshadows, lipglosses and Fluidline
  8. Lady Danger lip stick!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
  9. if you wear MAC makeup then try the makeup remover wipes. they are quite effective and kind to the skin (I used them on holiday when my skidns tends to be sensitive and they were fine). Moreover is MAC make the makeup they;ll have a remover that goes with it :smile:
  10. I love their eyeshadows! Knight Divine is a dark grey that goes with everything, Lipglass in Nico is totally hot and for blusher I love Pinch-me! I have olive skin so these colors work for me.
  11. Thanks ladies! I sent hubby to sephora today too-LOL.
  12. i jsut came back from sephora.. and i have to agree with above the lipgelees(sp) are great.. they are not stickey at all.. and glideon really well... i got one and a long lasting lipstick and some sort of bronze eyeliner/eyesahdoaw
  13. ok the lipgelle is in a color called VALNETINES!!! ITS SOOHOT!! in the tube it looks like whoa.. too much but its VERY sheer...

    anyone know if its a limited color? cuz ill have to stock up.. i love it
  14. Are you sure they sell MAC at Sephora? If so, which Sephora are you going to?

  15. well seeing as i just said that i came from sephora and i bought mac stuff then ya im sure that sephora sells mac...

    i went to the sephora on the champs delysee..