MAC cosmetics

  1. i think that there must be a lot of MAC lovers in here! I know I'm one! The majority of my pigmented makeup is from MAC! So share your faves and raves and experiences!

    My MAC collection:
    mascara - Zoom in black (makes my eyes HUGE) and fibrelash (hurts my eyes- i wear contacts)
    Pigments in rose, golden olive and frost
    Nail polish in nightfall and rocker
    blush in variety
    eyeshadows in metamorph, meadowland, paradisco, plum dressing, juiced,
    lipstick in Viva Glam
    lipglass- clear, gaze, nymphette, lychee luxe, squirt (a great neutralizer for those nude days), russian red
  2. you know i LOVE the colors in the mac line but ive found it to be too cakey and heavy for me. am i the only one? i heard that it was initially a costume makeup line and a line that is/was frequently used by drag queens because of the heavy coverage. is this true?
  3. MAC is my 2nd obsession (behind handbags). I have way too much to list though. The only things I don't buy from MAC are the mascara and foundation - neither seem to work for me. I have slowed down my purchasing, as the limited edition collections one right after another were killing my budget.

    The mineralised skin finishes are my favorite! I can't wait for the Amuse collection to come out this month. I am already planning on getting the new one being released.
  4. I absolutely love Mac Blot compressed powder for keeping shine away. I read that it is used at photo shoots by Carmandie (splg) from TLC's What Not To Wear, and I figured I'd give it a shot. I have oily skin and this stuff really works! I haven't tried anything else yet though.
  5. I wouldnt doubt that MAC has its roots in drag and theater! I love how the shadows go on the same color as they look on the packaging! When I buy a lime green eyeshadow, I know it goes on and stays on lime green! Thats finely ground pigments for you! But you can also make them sheer, its all about what brushes you, how thickly you apply them and the color that you choose! I like that about MAC...

    like with the pigment frost (it's a great color), it adds just the right amount of shine with little effort, but if you press it in really thickly, it can also be super white and dramatic. all about application!
  6. I heard it was initially used in theaters because of the intensity......Drag queens like it 'cause it looks good and they can be all the more dramatic.
  7. i as well love MAC! i have multiple lipglasses and eyeshadows, my favorites are lipglass in lovechild and eyeshadow in idol eyes. i also wear their studio fix foundation, bronzer, prolonglash mascara (it contains no rose oil, so it doesn't irritate my eyes), concealer, and bascially anything else thay make, ha. the only thing i havent been overly pleased with is their eyeliner.

    rarely do i make a trip to the mall and NOT buy a lipglass and an eyeshadow!
  8. ^^me too!:smile:
    I have too many MAC products, the list would be endless!
    My favorites are the pigments. I have them in every colour available (I mean it):shame:
    I also love the eyeshadows of course and I can't stop myself from these limited edition collections.
    Even though I own many lipglasses and I love the look of them, I don't really use them much because they are too sticky and I also don't like the mascara
  9. im on my way to the mall so I can buy the rose pigment and bamboo paint.
  10. ive actually bought the pigments and they are incredible. i used to use the studio fix but found it hard to match to my skin tone as it was too heavy. the lipglosses and glass are def. too thick for my taste even though the colors are HOT!
  11. I LOVE MAC lipglass! It is the best ever! Light vanilla scent, and tons of colors.
  12. My favorite MAC products are select moisturecover for under my eyes, studio finish concealer, and longwear lip color.
  13. i use everything but the foundation and most of the time i use dior mascara instead. there's no colour match for me in the foundation, they're all just a little bit off. i have about 100 eyeshadows though :shame:
  14. I love their pigments most I think... so versatile. I used to have a lot of them b4 a "friend" took my entire makeup bag out of my bag at a party. never leave your favorites in a place where a rabid hampster might snag them!
  15. Ohh I HEART MAC.. I have thousands of dollars invested in that crap!!! haha. it started before the handbags.. so it was like $20 here and there and then after a $1200 LV.. $100 at mac was nothing... Its fabu!!!! I recommend the brushes.. there is one that i super HEART.. ill have to check the #. Its white w/ a flatter tip. I only have the lip glosses and shadows.. ive been meanin to take a photo of it casue its soo fab and bright :smile: