Mac Cosmetics Holiday 2007

  1. Okay so I have been meaning to post this so here it is

    I live in NY and I was able to pre-order a few pieces from the collection, and I think it is being released next week

    (tx 2 the website that I found this on)


    Royal Assets (Lips x 3 )- Tan/Coral, Pink/Red


    Royal Assets (Eyes x 6) -Warm/Meta


    Finery (Lip Bag x 3) - Coral/Tan, Pink / Plum


    Heirlooms (Brush Sets) - Basic, Face, Eye
  2. Oooh, i need to snatch up another brush set! Thanks
  3. Uh oh!!! I got my card invite in the mail...looks like I need to do some makeup shopping!! ;)
  4. This is so hot!! I can't wait...theres's 4 eyeshadow sets...smokey, metallic, cool, and warm. There's 2 more lip palettes as well. Release date is next Thursday.
  5. ^My invite says its tomorrow??
  6. So excited! I think I'm gonna snatch a brush set, lipstick set, and see what the pigments look like ;)
  7. OK So I called the MAC at Nordstrom...Antiquatease is coming out tomorrow and the palettes/etc are coming out on the 25th.
  8. There is another brush set that is all gold that is only available at the MAC stores , I am so getting another set, so far I have 3 sets and the value of the brushes is unbeatable
  9. So there is Antiquatease coming out on the 18th... what is Royal Assets and where does the warm, intense, metallic and cool fit in?

    Or are Keepsake, Curiousitease and Antiquitease different launches coming out at different times and all fall under the Holiday 07 umbrella?
  10. i just pre-ordered the face brush set! I cant wait to pick them up, they really are the best deal!
  11. Ah, I'll have to hunt my card down. I didn't put it in a safe place because it didn't mention a date -- I don't think Toronto's doing a special release party. (Unless I'm wrong!:graucho:)
  12. Ohh! The packaging for those are so cute. I definitely want some fall eyeshadow!
  13. I like last years holiday brush better with the black handles and the black ferrules
  14. Date of arrival for my order is Oct 25th I cant wait will post pic's in this thread when I pick up my brushes and lipstick etc...

    • 10/18 - Antiquitease: Color
    • 10/25 - Antiguitease: Royal Assets
    • 10/25 - Antiguitease: Heirloom
    • 10/25 - Keepsake (Nordstrom and The Bay Exclusive)
    The Antiquitease: Heirlooms brush set has two special packaging variations. One variation is exclusive to Saks with Saks exclusive packaging (basic brush set). The other is exclusive to MAC stores with MAC Store exclusive packaging (basic brush set).
  15. I bought 2 Antiquitease Mineralize Eye shadows today -- Family Silver and Engaging. I hope I use them... I haven't touched my Smoke Signals-Smoking Eyes quad yet. I have so many eyeshadows, much more than I need.