MAC Cosmetics And Their New 2008 Spring line.Plus HEATHERETTE

  1. I am a huge !!!!fan of Mac cosmetics.

    MAC has teamed up with Parisian graffiti artist Fafi, who spray paints colourful cartoons of urban girls. Her art is the focus of this limited-edition line, which fuses girly illustrations with sleek black packaging.

    This collection hit the streets last week
  2. The new fafi lipstick colors are really cute! I picked up two over the weekend.
  3. I already got all of my Fafi stuff. I ended up getting WAY more then I first planned on getting. Not only am I addicted to MAC, but I'm addicted to things I already like, put in cute pakageing.....aka MAC & Fafi.

    Here's what I got from Fafi....
    * Hipness Blush
    * Iridescent Pressed Powder: Sassed-up
    * Cash Flow Paint Pot
    * Nice Vice Paint Pot
    * Rollickin' Paint Pot
    * Fafi Eyes 1
    * Fafi Eyes 2
    * High Top Lipstick
    * All 3 Dolls
    * 129 brush in Fafi bag

    MAC's next big collection is Heatherette. The collection will hit Mac counters on March 27.

    Here are some pictures.....

    Eyeshadow Trio #1
    • Cloudburst True black with green pearlized pigments (velvet)
    • Mood Ring Pastel mint green (veluxe pearl)
    • Hoppin’ Pastel peach (frost)
    Eyeshadow Trio #2
    • Baby Petals Pastel pink (satin)
    • Cassette Blackened eggplant (veluxe pearl)
    • VIP - Midtone yellow pink (velvet)
    Pencil Duos
    • Black Funk/Pop Blue True black and turquoise with silver glitter
    • Fab Orchid/Dash Lily Jeweltone purple and Midtone lavender with silver glitter
    • Phone Me/Text Me Charcoal gray and Metallic silver with silver glitter
    • Nighthawk/Front Row Coffee brown and Neutral peach with gold glitter
    • Fleshpot Light neutral beige (satin)
    • Hollywood Nights Fuchsia pink (satin)
    • Lollipop Loving Midtone coral with green gold iridescence (glaze)
    • Melrose Mood Pastel pink (cream)
    • Bonus Beat Sheer yellow beige with gold pearl
    • Sock Hop Soft midtone coral
    • Starlet Kiss Pastel pink
      [*]Style Minx Fuchsia pink
    • Jardin Aires Gilded peach with silver reflects
    • Pink Pearl Midtone pink with blue reflects
    Reflects Glitters
    • 3D Silver Multi-reflective silver
    • Reflects Gold Translucent glitter with gold reflects
    Beauty Powders
    • Alpha Girl Pink with gold reflects
    • Smooth Harmony Medium deep bronze
    Nail Lacquers
    • $$$ Yes Metallic silver foil (frost)
    • Lola Divine Soft midtone coral (creme)
    • She’s Bad
    • She’s Good
  4. How awesome !! Thank you for posting !
  5. I am skipping fafi to save for heatherette! I am so excited I love heatherette so much and this makeup just looks so fun! I hope the packaging isnt cheap though. because of the color they may have skimped on something.
  6. No problem.

    I have to say, when I first saw the Heatherette pictures I wasn't too excited about it, but it's growing on me. I'll most likely get both Eyeshadow Trio's and maybe a lipstick or gloss. The lipstick called Lollipop Loving, according to the picture looks lovely, so I might get that.... Not that I need anymore eye shadows or lipsticks.....
  7. I love the beauty powders that MAC puts out for their collections. Although I've never found one that's as perfect for me as the beauty powder from the Diana Ross collection years ago. I loved that powder and the shimmery pink compact it came in! I will definitely give the Heatherette beauty powder a try as it looks similar to the one created by Miss Ross!
  8. I was SUPER excited about Fafi, but when I saw the collection in person, I was disappointed :sad:. I really wanted to like it, but the packaging seemed cheap to me and I'm angry that they just put a sticker over the lipglasses! I wish they could have printed them on. I am such a sucker for packaging!

    I'm hoping Heatherette is better! Looks REALLY cute!
  9. I need to make friends with someone with a MAC pro card stat!!! :p
  10. Ahh, I love this collection! :tup: I bought way too much of it when it came out! :nuts: Mac is the best, and I'm an incurable makeup addict haha. :love: :p I can already see spending $100ish for the Heatherette collection (luckily I already have the pigments, which are my weakness)! :sweatdrop:
  11. Haven't seen the Fafi stuff over here...The Heatherette stuff looks TDF!
  12. OH GOD!!

    I'm scheduled for a makeover on the first of March for the Fafi event.

    I hope they dont have me looking like a clown
  13. The Heatherette colors look like fun!! Pink lips is my signature...
  14. I wasnt thrilled about fafi until I physically played with the colors and I have to say I love it now. Def worth checking out: Fun n sexy, strawbaby, (both blushes are magnificent not bright as you would think and very buildable color), mineralized powders are gorgeous pictures just dont justify. Most of these items are sold out on mac site, but are available with macys. I had to buy 2 tubes of strawbaby (it's rare that I do this) but it's looks hot w hipness blush. Since, Fafi drained my bank account literally I"m not too excited about heatherette which is a good thing. A couple of things from heatherette look familar to the barbie love mac lipsticks. real doll and rocking chick looks similar to hollywood nights and melrose mood juding by the pictures. the liners are def what im looking forward to and the 3d silver glitter.
  15. i am loving the heatherette.