MAC consultation or makeover ??

  1. I've seen people at macys getting their make up done by SA... sorry, I know is a stupid question but.. do they do it for free.. will they do it i fyou buy something?? :confused1:

    anyone... thanks al ot
  2. Most do it for free, but you might need to purchase some products...i would just call them and ask and set up an appointment
  3. It depends on the location. I've never had a makeover done at Macy's, but at Nordstrom, the makeover is free--no purchase minimums. I always end up buying something, though. :p
  4. Yes, having the consultation is free, but it's always good to buy something if you like what they did.
  5. well some people are just trying stuff on because theyre wondeirng which colour will suit them etc. my friend got her make up done for 20 pounds from MAC manchester, uk -it was pretty good!! :biggrin:
  6. i had my makeup done for free at a MAC store, but the reason i went in to get it done was because i was looking for a bunch of new makeup, so i think i ended up buying 7 or 8 products. those folks work on commission (as do the ones at department stores), so i'd feel bad taking up a bunch of their time when they could be helping other customers and making money if i wasn't at least going to buy 2 or 3 things (assuming you like what they do).