MAC concealer

  1. I need Mac concealer.
    In these period I have two blue trunks under the eyes....
    I know the colour that works for me but I don't know if it's better the liquid texture in the tube or the one in the little round jar...

    Both have the shade I need...

    Need counsel, thanks.
  2. I use the one in the little round jar and it's been working fine for me. It sits still on your face and doesn't budge, so that's why I think it works for me. Use a brush for the best application, but if you're in a hurry (like me) your fingertips can do just fine.

    I've also tried the stick concealer if you're wondering. I find that one a little bit too creamy/thick.
  3. for heavier coverage, use studio finish concealer (comes in a pot). it's cream so you'll need to blend really well.

    if you also use concealer for covering blemishes and spots, i would go for the select cover-up which is a liquid concealer. liquid is easier to blend on spots.

    hope that helps.
  4. I use the one in the little tube - works great and gives just the right amount of coverage. Been using it for years and absolutely love it.
  5. i like select cover up for spots and blemishes. i would say it's a medium coverage, but it goes on very light and doesn't cake up at all.

    for undereye coverage i would try select moisturecover.