Mac C.R.E.A.M. Eye shadow Palette? Is it for real?

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  1. hi, i jus purchased one of those palettes n i jus found out it may b fake. there is so many people on ebay buying them u would think its the hottest item right now. but i tried to google else where n get no where HELP!:crybaby:
  2. yeah sorry its fake :sad:
  3. Yup its fake. MAC has not made a cream eyeshadow palette! Can we see the link? Or did you pay for it yet? Either way you need to file a claim so you can get your money back!
  4. Retract that bid ASAP! Its soooo fake!
  5. If it doesn't let you retract, then contact the seller and tell them you want your bid cancelled or you will not be paying for a fake item. You can also report that the item is fake at the bottom of the listing. I'll report it as well!
  6. ty so much big help!
  7. No problem! PM me if you need anymore help or if you want anything MAC authenticated!
  8. i have also recently bought the same product that carmen bidded on and am now just waiting to receive it, and now after knowing they are fake i don't know what to do. also, the seller closed his/her ebay account. is there anything i can do?
  9. ^

    Please post eBay questions in our eBay Forum.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.