MAC brushes-name your faves!

  1. i've always been a cosmetics junkie, but for some reason it never occurred to me to invest in nice makeup brushes until recently :wtf: my first set of brushes were diane von furstenberg, simply because they were dirt cheap at her sample sale and ridiculously soft :tup:.

    but recently i picked up the MAC 187 stippling brush to use as a foundation brush since i didn't really have one of those, and i absolutely LOVE it! :tup: i love my sk-ii air-touch foundation but some days i just don't feel like waiting around for my face to dry, and for those days this is perfect (especially since the brush was free).


    Sooooo-i was wondering if you ladies would share your favorite brushes with, and what you use them for. TIA!! :tup:
  2. i've got my eye on this set, but i don't know what SE means---does anyone know if these are miniature versions of the brushes?


    i already have the 187 and analogous shadow/liner brushes from other companies, but if i they are mini versions then i can actually justify buying thi sto myself :p
  3. I have the shu umera brushes. They are the best I have ever used!
  4. I think SE stands for special edition. The handles of these brushes are shorter but I was told the head of the brush is the same size as the regular ones. The set is definitely worth it. I'm planning on getting it too.

    I already have the #219 and absolutely love it!
  5. My favorite MAC brushes are the 187 like you have, the 208 for defining my eyes and brows, the 242 for concealer (even though it's an eye brush), and the 239 for eyeshadow.
  6. Watch out, the special edition brushes are NOT the same quality as the full sized. They are machine made, instead of handmade. It really helps to go in and touch the display set, as not all SE brushes are alike. I have a set from the Nordie's Anniversary collection from 2 or 3 years ago that had very soft full brushes, but the last few Christmas sets (with the same brushes) were stiffer and cheaper feeling.

    I'm going to go check out my brush collection now and come back with a list of my absolute favs! Wheee, I love playing with brushes.
    • The 187 posted above is one of my favorites, and I also have the smaller 188 for blush. It's really good for the mineralized skinfinishes or other shimmery cheek colors.
    • The 217 is my favorite soft eyeshadow brush for applying an all-over color or blending.
    • I use either the 272 (more precise) or 275 (fuller) for eyeshadow in the crease. Both are good for a smoky look, as they're soft (no harsh lines) but get the darker color right where you want it.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • The 242 is perfect for creme eyeshadows (including MAC paints and fluidline).
    • I use the 288 for a super-precise look, especially with color on the lid.
    • The 266 is my HG brush for brows, I use it everyday to fill in the tail end. It's super soft and narrow, I always get a perfect line.

    Oof, sorry that was long, I swear I haven't mentioned even half of the brushes I own! It's also worth looking at the Sephora silver handled brushes and Stila brushes.
    ETA: Cross my heart, I'm not a MAC SA...just a recovering MAC addict!
  7. outpt thank you soso much for that wealth of information you seem to be quite the mac expert! :tup: i'm such a brush novice, i have no idea what to use half the brushes i have for-i bought a bunch of eye brushes but i only end up using two cuz i can't really figure out what the others are supposed to do that's different :confused1:

    i had no idea the SE brushes would be different quality-i was wondering why they were so cheap compared to the full-sized 187 which costs almost as much as the entire set does

    on a side note-i've noticed that since my first washing my 187 has begun to kind of shed a little and leave stray bristles on my face-is this normal/ :okay:
  8. I love this brush for applying NARS blush (hah rhymes).

    116 Blush Brush

    Sooo soft. :biggrin:
  9. the angled eye liner brush def. I use other brushes from laura mercier because i already had them and for the rest of my face i use trish.
  10. I love the 187 (best face brush ever, I'm buying a 2nd one), 217, 219 (great for precise crease work), 222, 116, and 266.
  11. I have 2 of the 187 brush and use it for liquid foundation as well as blush or bronzer.
  12. You're welcome! Most natural brushes, especially very full ones will shed a bit in the beginning. If it doesn't stop shedding after a few washes, you can take it back for a replacement -- MAC guarantees their brushes.

    I was in Nordies a couple days ago, and I think the current set is quite nice. Perhaps since they make fewer sets for the Anniversary sale, they are a softer. If you're close to a counter, I'd go touch the bristles of both the SE and real ones to see how they feel. Also, the sets are a good way to to try out some different shapes and see which ones best suit your routine. :smile:
  13. i have been using my angled eyeshadow brush since highschool and it still amazes me...i of course use the eyeliner slanted brush, the blush brush and that white/black one u guys posted haha i JUST got it and am having fun playing with it!!

    and im pretty sure SE means special edition!! The brush sets are mostly all special editions, but they are shorter handles so i never went for them!!

    I puffy heart mac!
  14. I prefer the shorter handle brushes. I was given one of the Formal Black sets this past Christmas with the powder brush, foundation brush, and a couple eye and/or lip brushes. I haven't used them all yet. But, they are easy to travel with and seem to work well for my purposes.